An activity on agency by Mary Ann
Free Agency Class Idea by Scott and Kristol Short


Agency Coloring Book Handout by Loralee Kurzius


 Agency and Accountability
 Family Home Evening Lesson on Agency by Deseret Book


 Sit on a chair with a coin in your hand.  Divide the group into two, both teams playing as a group if there are several people.  Turn to the first group and say, "Heads or Tails?"  Then flip the coin.  If they got it correct, they advance one step.  If not, they go back one step.  Turn to the other team and ask the same question.  Repeat the game until they reach a designated finish line.  Then ask both groups if they liked playing that game.  Why or why not?  No one likes playing games where someone tells you what to do and there is little to no risk involved.  So it is with our lives.  We learn more when we experience things for ourselves.  Having our agency truly is a blessing, but with agency comes accountability. 


Agency Coloring Book Handout by Loralee Kurzius
 Agency Lego Handout
 How to remove emptiness from your life and fill your life with indescribable joy
The seed you plant is what you'll grow by Terri Shaw
 What would a man amount to without his free agency? by Shaunte Wadley
 Whatsover ye sow, that shall ye also reap


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Free Agency Class Idea by Scott and Kristol Short
 (YW Lesson Help) I always like the idea of the hinge. You point out how at the hinge the decisions you make seem very minor with relatively no influence, but the slightest alteration there will have big impacts on the reach of the sway at the other end! It could make a fun focal point/handout as well as visual. Another thing that I pointed out to our girls was that agency isn't free - it comes with a price. I actually prefer the term "moral agency" that implies the responsibility tied to it and how serious it is. But what I helped my girls understand is that Satan is crafty and one of his great ploys is to convince you that you can sidestep, avoid and/or eliminate consequences. The reality is that while they may be or seem delayed, they are never removed, changed or avoided. We only have control over our decisions, the consequences are set and not something we can alter or change. It is my personal opinion that one of his greatest tools is the appearance of a delayed consequence which many take as confirmation that they missed the bullet.  (Idea shared by Holly Schwendiman / ga07302007)


 Choose the Right (Hymn Book pg. 239)
 Dare to Do Right (Children's Songbook, pg. 158)
 Do What is Right (Hymn Book pg. 237)
 I Lived in Heaven (Children's Songbook, pg. 4)
 Let Me Soar, August 1976, New Era
 Morning of your life, October 1980, New Era
 Song for the River, January-February 1983, New Era


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The Gift of Agency
The Sting of the Scorpion


 God's Counting on You


 One Liners
 Quick Quotes


 The war in the pre-mortal existence when we fought for our agency (Moses 4:1-3)


Agency is a gift by Andrea Hecklinger
Agency Sharing Time by Tara Jones
 Heavenly Father gave me agency by Vicki
 I blew up a copy of the board game Chutes and Ladders and will be playing that to show the consequences of a good and bad choice (using our agency). (Idea by Lynn Lambert / ga01142008)
 It's your choice by Heidi Johnson
Place the objects you have tied with string into the bag or container so that the objects are hidden but an equal amount of each string hangs over the side of the bag. Ask a child to choose a string and pull an item out of the bag. Then replace the object and string, let another child take a turn, and so on. Show the class all the hidden objects, and explain the value of the desirable one.  Explain that it is difficult to make a correct choice when we don’t know what we are choosing. Heavenly Father wants us to know good from evil so we can choose what is right. Tell the class that this lesson will explain how we were given the knowledge of good and evil and the ability to choose for ourselves.  (Taken from Primary 6 Lesson Manual)


 The Banana and Monkey Story by President Kimball
 U-Dandy Resented Restraint
Your Heart's Desire


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 "Agency--a Blessing and a Burden", Oct. Gen. Conf. 1999 by  Sharon G. Larsen
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