I hope these lesson helps are informative.  However, they are just suggestions and in no way meant to replace the lesson manual.  Rather, my intent is to give you extra ideas in case your lesson runs short or to help add to your lesson.  Only you have the inspiration needed to fulfill your calling.  Most of the following suggestions come from, or are adapted from, the Friend Magazine, Primary Manuals or FHE Manuals.  May you be blessed in your efforts to teach the children about our Savior and His gospel.   If you have something that you've prepared and you would like to share it with all of us, feel free to  e-mail me.



Lesson 1: Joseph Smith and the First Vision
Lesson 2: The Apostasy and the Need for the Restoration of Jesus Christ’s Church
Lesson 3: The Angel Moroni Visits Joseph Smith  
Lesson 4: Joseph Smith Prepares to Receive the Gold Plates 
Lesson 5: Joseph Smith Receives the Gold Plates  
Lesson 6: Joseph Smith Begins to Translate the Gold Plates 
Lesson 7: Joseph Smith Translates the Gold Plates
Lesson 8: The Priesthood Is Restored
Lesson 9: Witnesses See the Gold Plates
Lesson 10: The Book of Mormon Is Published
Lesson 11: The Restored Church of Jesus Christ Is Organized
Lesson 12: Important Ordinances Are Restored
Lesson 13: The First Missionaries Preach the Gospel
Lesson 14: Emma Smith Selects Sacred Hymns
Lesson 15: The Prophet Receives Revelation for the Church
Lesson 16: The Saints Gather to Kirtland, Ohio
Lesson 17: Edward Partridge Is Called as the First Bishop
Lesson 18: The Lord Reveals the Law of Consecration
Lesson 19: The Saints Are Taught to Recognize Good and Evil
Lesson 20: Joseph Smith Translates the Bible and Other Scriptures
Lesson 21: Joseph Smith Is Tarred and Feathered
Lesson 22: The Latter-day Revelations Are Published
Lesson 23: The Prophet Receives a Vision of the Three Degrees of Glory
Lesson 24: The School of the Prophets and the Word of Wisdom
Lesson 25: The Kirtland Temple Is Constructed
Lesson 26: The Kirtland Temple Is Dedicated
Lesson 27: The Saints Are Expelled from Jackson County
Lesson 28: Zion’s Camp Marches to Missouri
Lesson 29: Missionaries Go to Other Nations
Lesson 30: Adam-ondi-Ahman
Lesson 31: The Extermination Order
Lesson 32: Joseph Smith Is Jailed Unjustly
Lesson 33: The Saints Work to Build Nauvoo, the Beautiful
Lesson 34: Joseph Smith Teaches about Baptism for the Dead
Lesson 35: The Nauvoo Temple Is Used for Sacred Ordinances
Lesson 36: Joseph Smith Writes the Articles of Faith
Lesson 37: Joseph and Hyrum Smith Are Martyred
Lesson 38: Brigham Young Leads the Church
Lesson 39: The Saints Build Winter Quarters
Lesson 40: The First Pioneer Company Crosses the Plains
Lesson 41: The Saints Settle the Salt Lake Valley
Lesson 42: The Pioneers Show Their Faith in Jesus Christ
Lesson 43: Handcart Companies Come to the Salt Lake Valley
Lesson 44: The Salt Lake Temple Is Constructed and Dedicated
Lesson 45: Lorenzo Snow Receives a Revelation on Tithing
Lesson 46: Strengthening Our Testimonies of the Restored Gospel
Lesson 47: The Priesthood Can Bless Our Lives (Priesthood Preparation Lesson)


 Primary Manual Picture Index and Equivalent Images by Mary Ann Clements 
 Primary Manual Pictures by Leona Strom

GAMES you could have prepared and ready for when there is extra time:

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 Doctrine & Covenants Seminary Manual (I figured it might be an additional resource for you when preparing your lessons)
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The Ultimate Gospel Art Collection


 Church History Time Line
 Doctrine and Covenants and Church History DVD
 Doctrine and Covenants Stories
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 D&C LDS Seminary Music


 Clothesline Review by Andrea Stewart
 Doctrine & Covenants Reading Program for Lessons 1-24
 Doctrine & Covenants Summer Reading Program and Charts by Tara
 Primary 5 Lesson Cards by Melanie Day
 Primary 5 Scripture Cards by Mary Zotz
 The Life of Joseph Smith
 The Way It Looks Today: A Camera Tour of Church History Sites in Missouri
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 Doctrine and Covenants Reading Chart by Alana Lee
 Doctrine & Covenants Reading Chart by Mary Zotz


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