alt Keep your scriptures inside of your pillowcase... (or you can make one with a pocket for scriptures) to remind you to read daily. 
alt "Feasting" upon the words of Christ by Mindy Reidhead
alt Scripture Dinner
alt Scripture Kickball
alt Scripture Olympics
alt Scripture Scholars (pdf file)
alt Scripture Scavenger Hunt
alt Scripture Treasure Hunt


alt Scripture Hero Bookmarks by Jessica Worley


alt NERDS wrapper from Mormon Share (wrap around box of Nerds...which stands for Never End youR Day Scriptureless!)
alt Scripture Power


alt Clipart from Mormon Share


alt Personalized Scripture Totes and Covers by Kierste Wade
alt Scripture Bags by Angela Davidson
alt Scripture Boxes by Jacki Daley


alt Be your best by Valerie Hill
alt Family Home Evening on Scriptures from Desert Book


alt Scriptionary Game    Scriptionary Game in Spanish
alt Scripture Grab Bags
alt Scripture Hero Bingo by Arie Van De Graff
alt Scripture Matching Game by Lorraine Allen
alt Scripture Pictures - Book of Mormon, August 2008 Friend  (2) July 2004 Friend
alt Scripture Pictures - Old Testament, January 2006 Friend   (2) Aug 1989 Friend
alt Scripture Scattegories by Jennifer Garrett
alt Scripture Taboo
alt Uno


alt Are Your SCRIPTURES on the BACK BURNER? - A fabulous display of food and a beautiful setting have the makings for a superb feast.  Thin k of how much better the feast would be if only the finest ingredients were used in the preparation.  When cooking, what we put INTO our recipe determines what we'll GET OUT of it. The same thing goes for scripture reading.  What we put INTO our scripture study determines what we'll GET OUT of it.  See ideas on how to measure, mix, and pour the scriptures into your daily routine, AND ask for second helpings! (Click on handout called, "Scrumptious Scripture Study")
"Be a Life Saver, read your scriptures both Now and Later." Attach some Life Savers candy and Now & Later candy."  (Idea by Crystal Turner / ga01212009)
alt Be a scripture "Nerd" by DiAnne Madsen
alt Cereal Box Bookmark
alt Feasting Zone by Heather Ingram
alt For Daily Use
alt "Go the Extra mile, read your scriptures." Attach some Extra gum.  (Idea by Crystal Turner / ga01212009)
alt "Let the scriptures Krackel and pop into your life." Attach a Hershey's Krackle candy bar."  (Idea by Crystal Turner / ga01212009)
alt Handout Ideas on the Scriptures
alt Last night I went to a Stake Leadership Meeting with the Primary and came home with the cutest idea for a gift for the Primary Children. So I thought I would share. They had made little scripture books and gave each of us one. They are adorable. They took a snack box of raisins and with the smaller size of packing tape, wrapped the ends of it to make it look like pages, then took a red ribbon for the marker, glued it to the bottom and then covered the box with black felt. Then they took a piece of black construction paper, cut it to 1/2 the size of the box, wrote on it "Taste the Sweetness Within" and taped it to the front of the box. They are so cute. I would think this would make a really good "treat" for our Primary kids. (Janet Parsons)
alt Making Scriptures out of Hershey Nuggets are so cute. I would think this would make a really good "treat" for our Primary kids. (Janet Parsons)
alt Marci Coombs
alt NERDS wrapper from (wrap around box of Nerds...which stands for Never End youR Day Scriptureless!)
alt Noah's Ark Scripture Chart - "As I follow the direction and righteous examples given in the scriptures, the Lord promises me rich blessings." 
alt Quote by Howard W. Hunter 
alt "Reading the scriptures can bring excite-mint into your life." Attach a box of Junior Mints.  (Idea by Crystal Turner / ga01212009)
alt Scripture Bear Poem by Mickale Gonzales / ga06152007
alt Scripture Jars by Melissa Jablonski
alt Scripture Mastery Scriptures
alt Scripture Power Bookmarks by Kellene Lyman
alt Scripture Power bookmark by Audra Karlinsey
alt Scripture Power bookmark by Kim Gordon
alt Scripture Reading Frames by Staci Basden
 Scripture Stickers by Tara Tarbet
alt Scripture Study Gum by Kristi Diaz
alt Search the Scriptures Bookmark by Janae Campbell
alt Search the scriptures diligently by Nancy Yang
Small and Simple Journal by Kristin Russell


alt 12 ways to study the scriptures
alt The Scriptures speak to Children, from the July 1995 Ensign, pg. 73


alt Behold My Joy is Full, October 1983, New Era
alt Hear and Hearken, June 1995, New Era
alt Heroes of the Scriptures    (Click here to listen to this song)-Scroll to bottom
alt Scripture Power, Oct 1987 Friend


alt Got oil? May 2001 New Era
alt Open book test, Sepjt 1996 New Era
alt Questions? Answers., Aug 2002 New Era


alt Destiny Dice- Using a single dice, sit in a big circle. We went around the circle each asking a yes or no question to the Destiny Dice. Then the person asking the question would roll the dice. If it was an odd number, the answer was no. If it was an even number, the answer was yes. We had some surprising and interesting questions...ranging from "Will I ever visit the country of Canada?" to "Should I have pre-marital sex". The answer to that one from Destiny Dice was yes! Anyway...after each person had a chance to play, I told them that life doesn't have to be a "roll of the dice". We have prophets, the scriptures, personal revelation, priesthood leader, parents, etc to lead and guide us. And especially if Destiny Dice (or the world) tells us something like pre-marital sex is okay, we can know through the things listed above the way the Lord truly wants us to go. I am sure you get my drift. It was an enjoyable and yet effective teaching tool. (Terisa in Wyoming)
alt Give someone a cinnamon roll with the white frosting on top. Tell them that all they can do is lick the frosting off the cinnamon roll but that they cannot bite into the roll. Then liken that experience to surfing through the scriptures as opposed to diving in. (Idea by Barbara)
alt Scripture Sandwich
alt The Scriptures are a Treasure


alt Elder Bednar - Scripture Study
alt God's words never cease
alt Scripture Journals - How to get started
alt Scripture Power


alt Bible Dictionary Scavenger Hunt Worksheet by Lisa Van Gemert
How do you study the scriptures? - share your ideas
alt Scripture Snacks by Rhonda Ferranti
SWIM - Seek Wisdom in Me by Staci Basden
alt Why memorize scriptures? by Valerie Lee


Let the words from the scriptures by Kelly Miller
alt Scripture Tote Poem by Staci Basden


alt One Liners
alt Quick Quotes


alt Common Superheroes by Lisa Robbins


alt Chocolate Chip Cookies
alt Fruit Cookies
alt Oatmeal or Chocolate Chip Cookies (Soft D & C 89:17 Cookies) 
alt Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
alt Scripture Cake
alt Surprise Scripture Cookies


alt Scripture Cover Tutorial


alt Scripture Journal Ideas by Dana Cockrum


alt Color a scripture-a-day (bookmark) by Greta Wise
alt Prayer and Scripture Charts by Carrie Halvorsen
alt Scripture and Prayer Chart
alt Scripture Reading Chart without dates by Michelle Garcia
alt Trina's Book of Mormon Charts


alt Scripture Sticker Sets by Tawnya Hansen


alt B.E.A.R.S. Sharing Time by Kari Sweeten
alt Courage and Comfort from the scriptures, Sept 2006 Friend
alt I can liken the scriptures to myself and my family
alt I will study the scriptures and pray
alt Reading the scriptures brings me comfort
alt Reading the scriptures by Jan Thomson
alt Scripture Cookies Sharing Time by Barb Bennett
alt Scripture Detective by April Preston 
alt Star Box by Cindy Tyler
alt The scriptures are like a journey by Lisa Christiansen 
alt The promises in the scriptures give me peace and comfort
alt The scriptures teach me that Esther had courage.  I can have courage.


alt A cell phone like scriptures
alt Samuel's Scriptures 
alt The Owner's Manual


alt Holy Scriptures: The power of God unto Our salvation by Robert D. Hales

      Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt Search the Scriptures - This segment features Elder Gene R. Cook teaching how to make our personal and family scripture study more effective. From the Church satellite broadcast of November 13, 1988. 25 min. (Video Clip 6)




alt Scripture Match-up (Worksheet) by Joni Hill