SONG:  More Holiness Give Me, Hymns #114

SCRIPTURE:  D&C 136:31; D&C 122:7

LESSON IDEA:  Read and review Job 1-42.  Use the summary below to tell about Job and his trials and blessings.

ACTIVITY:  From Coal to Diamonds:  The Effect of Adversity on Carbon

You will need a diamond and a piece of coal or graphite.

Did you know that diamonds and coal are made of the vary same stuff?  They are both composed of elemental carbon.  The only difference between them is what they have experienced and been through.  It is only when carbon is subjected to the adverse conditions of extremely high pressures and temperatures that the black carbon transforms into diamond crystals.  Unlike coal, diamonds are composed of extraordinarily strong bonds and reflect the light of the world around them.

Our souls and lives are very much like the carbon.  We change and become different people when we experience trials and adversities in our lives.  We all know people who become bitter and weaker from their trails and others who seem to find new strength and light from their experience.  Like diamonds, these people seem to radiate and reflect a light of faith and spiritual strength that was intensified by their suffering.  We are told that “My people must be tried in all things, that they may be prepared to receive the glory that I have for them” (D&C 136:31).  It is through our trial and afflictions that we can become like diamonds, strong and full of light.

TREAT:  Rocky Road ice cream

The Adversities of Job

Have you ever heard the expression, “That person has the patience of Job?”   Do you know why?  It is because Job was man whose experiences in life required him to be amazingly patient, and he never gave up.

Job’s early life was a happy one.  He married a good woman and together they had ten beautiful children.  Job was also very rich.  In addition, Job “ was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed [avoided] evil” (Job 1:1).

While Job was enjoying his family and other riches, he wasn’t aware that the Lord and Satan were talking about him.

“Did you notice my servant, Job?” asked the Lord.  “There is a good man.”

“He is good because you make it easy for him,” replied Satan. “Take away his blessings and he will curse your name.”

“Very well,” said the Lord.  “Take them away, and we shall see.  But you must not touch Job himself.”  The Lord knew that Job would never lose his faith, no matter how hard his life became.

So, Satan went to work.  The next day messenger after messenger came to Job with horrifying news.  The first servant came running to Job and said that a fire had burned up all his sheep and servants.  Another messenger came to tell Job that while his seven sons and three daughters were at a family dinner, a strong wind blew the roof off of the house and killed all of them.  While Job was talking to the second messenger, a third one came and told Job that robbers had stolen all of his oxen, camels, donkeys, and the servants who cared for the animals.

Job was very sad but he was not angry at God.  He fell to the ground and worshipped God.  He said that he had nothing when he was born.  God gave him everything.  Now God had taken everything away.  Job still loved God.

Satan approached the Lord a second time and said that if the Lord would let him take away Job’s health and fill his body with pain, then Job would surely curse God.  Once again, the Lord permitted Satan to do as he wished.

Job got sick. He had huge puss-filled sores all over his body.  He was in constant pain. When some of Job’s friends came to see him, they could not understand why so many things happened to him.  One suggested, “I think it must be that you have lived a wicked life.”

Job was hurt by what his friend said.  Job explained, “my suffering has nothing to do with anything that I have done wrong.”  Job said some wicked people do not have troubles, and that sometimes, righteous people do have troubles.  Then Job heard the voice of the God.  God asked Job many questions.  Job did not understand the things God asked.  God told Job men cannot always understand why God does things.  Men must trust God no matter what happens to them.

Job was righteous through all of his troubles.  Job loved God.  He trusted him.

God blessed Job.  Job’s sores were healed and God gave Job more than he had had before.  God gave Job more animals.  Job and his wife had more children.  They were happy.  Job lived to be a very old man.  He was righteous his whole life, during the good and the bad times.