alt Have your children make their own ceiling Plan of Salvation - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
alt (This activity could be adapted for a FHE or Youth Activity)  I am doing the three degrees of Glory breakfast for the seminary students and instead of them being judged and assigned to one kingdom we are walking them through the kingdoms, starting with the Telestial Kingdom I will have just water and toast, then the Terestial Kingdom I will have boxed cereal and milk, then for the Celestial Kingdom I will have the whole works elegantly set out for them, sausage, quiche, waffles, fruit, muffins, juice, hot cocoa, etc. I am decorating the kingdoms in stars, moons, and suns and we are not stopping to eat in the first two kingdoms they are just looking at them and I will have the first kingdom's food on the floor, the second kingdom's food on a table without a cloth, and in the Celestial Kingdom I will be using linen cloths and napkins with a silver candelabra that I will stick the battery operated candles into. And I was just thinking IF the judgment thing becomes an issue then you could skip the judgment and just walk them through the kingdoms telling them WHO would be assigned to this kingdom, I am meaning what type of person, not anyone in particular. (Idea by Shelley Clines)
alt One of the teachers in our building had a very interesting activity for the Plan of Salvation.  He has 20 students, so he made 17 signs with the steps  of the plan (council in Heaven, war in Heaven, creation of earth, Adam and Eve, etc....Resurrection,) and pinned one on the back of each of 17 students. Each one could see the others, but did not know his own.  The point was  have all 17 students line themselves up in the correct order.  Only when  all 17 were correct would the teacher announce that they were correct.  Oh  yes, the extra three students wandered around giving clues to help the 17 get to  the right place in line.  The interesting thing was that one of the  students giving hints gave wrong information sometimes, so students had to  decide which voices they should listen to, and which was giving them lies.   It was very true to life, and the students really enjoyed it.  It could be  done with fewer students. (Credit Unknown)
alt Plan of Salvation Croquet by Becky Dastrup


alt Closer to Heaven: a Joyous Reunion by Kerri Guthrie


alt L. Tom Perry, "The Plan of Salvation" from October 2006 General Conference (1:15 min)


alt Plan of Salvation Booklet


alt (Black and white) Plan of Salvation Clipart by Sandy & Adam Buffington
alt Cookie Nut Creations
alt God's Plan of Salvation by Allison Kimball
alt Plan of Salvation Chart from
alt Plan of Salvation Clipart by Angela Knyaston
alt Plan of Salvation Clipart by Angela Williams
alt Plan of Salvation Clipart by Jason Chong
alt Plan of Salvation Diagram by Emily Nielson
alt Plan of Salvation for Kids (and adults too)
alt Plan of Salvation Printables by Lori
alt Plan of Salvation Puzzle by Alana Lee


alt You are Eternal - Make this puppet to show how we continue living even after death


alt Family Home Evening Lesson on the Plan of Salvation by Deseret Book
alt Plan of Salvation Dinner
alt Ultimate Treasure by Becca Carter
alt Plan of Salvation
alt Plan of Salvation Illustration


alt God has a plan for me


alt Plan of Salvation Croquet 


alt Aitken Family
alt Heavenly Father has a plan for me by Tricia Stuart
alt One way ticket
alt Plan of Salvation Card - Taken from the March 1994 Friend Magazine
alt Plan of Salvation Handouts by Angela Duncan
alt Take a copy of the plan of salvation and roll into a scroll.  Print a tag that says, "Lost? try G.P.S. - God's Plan of Salvation"
alt Three Kingdoms Handout by Patrice Bolen
alt Young Women Handout 


alt Bridge, Atonement and Plan of Salvation
alt I will follow God's Plan for Me
alt Light of Christ (Could be an object Lesson also)
alt Plan of Salvation: Lesson Helps and More by Allison Kimball
alt Plan of Salvation Lesson Help
alt Plan of Salvation Chart,
alt Plan of Salvation Study
alt The Plan of Salvation - The Big Picture by John Hilton III and Anthnony Sweat
To help the class visualize the plan of salvation, stretch a string from one wall of your classroom to the other. Hang a paper clip over the string so that it can easily slide along the string. Prepare two identical figures, one of clear plastic and another of white paper, that can be attached to the paper clip.  Tell the class that the string represents the line of our lives and that one end of the string represents our past and the other our future. The clear plastic figure represents our spirit body, and the white paper figure represents our physical body. Move the paper clip along the string and add the figures to it as you discuss our progression from premortal past to postmortal future, asking questions about each stage of the plan. [Click here for source and question ideas]
alt Whether you a preparing a lesson for Family Night or for Primary, here is a fun idea.  Try making two copies of a body.  One out of paper and the other out of wax paper or vellum.  You can visually show them about the body and the spirit.


alt I Lived in Heaven, pg. 4 of Children's Songbook
alt Mother, Tell Me The Story, May 1985 Friend


Bring to class a photograph that depicts an easily recognizable activity such as children playing soccer or a man washing a car. Cover the photograph with a piece of cardboard or card stock with a window cut in it to reveal only a very small portion of the picture beneath. Ask the class to identify what is going on in the picture. Point out that with the limited information they have, their answers can be little more than guesses. Ask the students what they need in order to correctly identify the picture. (They need to see more of it; they need to see the “big picture.”) [Source]
alt The Light of Christ by Kim Malacko

PERSONAL PROGRESS GOALS (Pertaining to the Plan of Salvation):

alt Plan of Salvation Personal Progress Goal Faith #6 by Tiersa Ludlow


alt Plan of Salvation maze from My CTR Ring


alt The Plan of Happiness (a talk prepared for Primary)


alt One Liners
alt Quick Quotes
alt Quotes on Three Degrees of Glory from W.O.O.L.


alt 2 Nephi 2:5–30; 2 Nephi 10:23–25; Alma 12:24–37; Alma 22:12–14; Alma 42; Moses 6:47–62


alt A Plan of Salvation sharing time
alt God's Plan for Us
alt Heavenly Father has a plan for me. Jesus Christ and His Atonement are central to this plan.
alt Heavenly Father's Plan, April 1995 Friend
alt Heavenly Father has a plan for me
alt On a hike...heaven-bound by Jeni Martin
alt Plan of Happiness, January 2005 Friend
alt Plane ride through the plan of salvation by Shelly Lewis
alt Plan of Salvation Sharing Time from Christy's Clipart
alt Sharing Time Idea - Plan of Salvation from
alt The Plan of Happiness Sharing Time by Lynda Whitlock
alt The Plan of Salvation Offers Me Peace, March 1994 Friend
alt Two men and a plan by Donna Sivertson
alt Things we forgot from the Pre-Existence by Mary Stephens


alt Plan of Salvation Cookies by Wendy Keeler
alt Celestial Cookies - Take one white cake mix, 2/3 c. shortening and two eggs. Mix it together until it is a play dough consistency. Using a sun cookie cutter, make cut outs with dough. Bake them according to box instructions. After they cool put two cookies together with white frosting.


alt One way ticket


alt Our Father's Plan - Big Enough for All His Children by Elder Quentin L. Cook
alt The Merciful Plan of the Great Creator by By Elder Adhemar Damiani
alt Your Happily Ever After, Dieter F. Uchtdorf, General YW Mtg March 2010


alt He will give you help
alt Our Eternal Life
alt Our Heavenly Father's Plan
alt Plan of Salvation - We’re Still a Family
alt The Plan of Salvation - A three act play
alt The Plan of Salvation by Elder L. Tom Perry
alt The purpose of life - made simple
alt We are all Children of our Father in Heaven. Christ is the way back to Him.

--Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt And They Shall Have Joy - Shows the plan of salvation as it follows a person from pre-mortal existence through life, death, and into the spirit world
alt Come unto me - Man's Search for Happiness : Answers the questions: Where did we come from? What is the purpose of earth life? Where do we go after death? Birth, life, and death are shown in an eternal perspective. Emphasizes the importance of the family unit in God's plan. 13 min. (Clip 1)
alt Our Heavenly Father's Plan - This video recording gives a brief introduction to the principles in the plan of salvation through words, pictures, and music. 29 minutes
alt The Plan of Salvation - Heavenly Father's plan of salvation is compared to a three-act play, showing that knowledge of the plan helps us in our everyday lives. 4:24 min. (Video Clip 4)


alt The Plan of Salvation worksheet by Sara Douglass