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alt Remember the worth of souls is great.... from Emma's Place


alt Family Home Evening Lesson from Deseret Book on Individual Worth


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alt A wonderful printable by Michelle Shirley
alt God's greatest creations by Geevz Anderson
alt Individual Worth Handout
alt Individual Worth Poster by Cynthia Gentry
alt No Two Alike by Mandy Williams
alt Value Bookmarks by Nancy Yang
alt Your Happily Ever After (Handout)

alt Orange (Fruit): (Credit: DebaNae's) Give each young woman an orange. Have them look at it and be ready to recognize it. Ask them to put all of the oranges into the middle of table or room. Then ask each girl to find her orange. Talk about how each orange is individual and different but all of them have good stuff on the inside. Read to them this poem:

"If you choose to pick an orange on the premise that it's cute...
You are dealing with appealing not considering the fruit.
Now a peel is just a pretense, just a cover-up, a lure,
to entice your very senses, But you never can be sure.
For a thousand are attracted and excited by the skin's the deeper stuff that matters,
It's what's offered from within."

alt Paper Snowflake: Show the girls the snowflakes. Point out the differences. Real snowflakes are also different from each other. Heavenly Father gives us each a beauty, talents and qualities that unique and special.
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alt Individual Worth Lesson Outline by Katie Jolley
alt Which temple is the most beautiful? by Ami Peterson


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alt The truth about who you really are by Megan Gardner - A 10 day challenge
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alt Letter of Appreciation by Laura Cooper (Individual Worth Goal #7)
alt Value Experiences and Value Projects on Individual Worth (Really good resource)


alt A snowflake
alt Comes the dawn
alt I am a child of royal birth by Anna Johnson
alt Snowflakes by Margaret Allen
alt The Price He Paid
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alt Who's the fairest of them all? by J. Clayton


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alt Open Mouth, Insert Car (October 2006 New Era)
alt Sneeches - Dr. Seuss wrote a book called Sneetches. (You could probably rent it from the library) It is about the starbelly Sneetches and the plain belly Sneetches. The Star Belly Sneetches were proud and walked right by the plain belly sneetches without saying a word to them. Then one day the scam artist Sylvester McMonkey McBean came to the beach. He was planning on scamming the Sneetches with the star belly on and star belly off machines. When the plain belly sneetches went into starbelly on machine they got tars on their bellies just like the starbelly Sneetches. When the starbelly Sneetches saw that the plain belly sneetches had stars they were very mad. So after that the starbelly Sneetches which were once plainbelly went from star belly too no starbelly. They kept going back and forth and back until all their money was all gone. They did not know who was who. Then all the Sneetches started too respect everyone on the beach even if they had stars or no stars. The reason Dr. Seuss wrote The Sneetches is that he went through some troublesome times as a child. When he was young he was Jewish and his parents were German. So kids made fun of him and threw coal at him when he was walking to school. He wanted to tell everybody that they are equal so he wrote Sneetches.
alt The most important question
alt The starfish
alt The Twenty Dollar Bill
alt The Ugly Duckling


 YW Value Scrapbook Paper by Andrea Walker


alt The Striped Fuzzy Buzzies by Jen Adams

VIDEO CLIPS:    Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt Cipher in the Snow - 1973. The true story of a boy no one thinks is important. After his sudden death one winter morning, acquaintances begin to reflect on the needs of every individual child. 21 min. (Video Clip 1)
alt Feed My Lambs - This videocassette tells the story of two children who try to feed a large flock of newborn lambs that had lost their mothers. It is helpful in teaching youth and adults in leadership positions about the infinite worth of each child of God and the need to assist the Savior in His work. 16 minutes.
alt Johnny Lingo - The story of Johnny Lingo, a Polynesian who bargains for a bride who is considered by her father to be of little value. Johnny pays an unheard of amount "eight cows" for the girl he loves. This love and respect bring out the beauty of his bride. Good for teaching the importance of self-esteem and consideration of others. 24 min. (Video Clip 5)
alt Lilies Grow Wild - Set in the 1950s, this feature depicts a rural school teacher whose class learned in an unusual way about self-esteem and the importance of every person. 16 min. (Video Clip 4)