alt 10 Day Walk With Christ - transferred from lds-yw files
alt 14 Day Walk With Christ - transferred from lds-yw files
alt Article of Faith Easter Egg Hunt
alt Book of Mormon Easter Activity by Wendy
alt Celebrating Easter by Valerie Lee
alt Celebrating Easter - Thematic Lesson Ideas
alt Easter Activities for Families by Lynda Whitlock
alt Easter Quarterly Activity by Teralyn Smith
alt Joseph Smith Easter Egg Hunt
alt My friend went to an evening Easter party on Saturday evening.  The host family has teenagers so most of the families that were invited did as well.  For the Easter egg hunt the host put candies, trinkets, change etc. in the eggs, dipped the eggs in glow in the dark paint and had a Easter egg hunt in the dark.  The teenagers and adults loved the egg hunt.  (Idea by Diana Chambers / 04132009)
alt Our Week Long Easter Experience
alt Scripturegg Hunt 
alt Stone could not hold
alt Week long count down to Easter
alt You've been egged! by Toni Gull


altMy Story of Jesus from April 1999 Friend


alt Easter Printable Bookmark


alt Easter Clipart from Mormon Share
alt Flannel Board Story " Our Savior and Redeemer" April 1999 Friend (scroll down)
alt Flannel Board Story Pictures from April 1978 Friend
alt Word Art that reads, "Jesus has risen.  Jesus is our friend.  Joys fill our heart.  He lives again."


alt Chocolate Easter Tombs
alt Easter Basket out of paper
alt Easter Basket Pattern
alt Easter Craft Ideas from Family Fun
alt Easter Crafts from Make and Takes
alt Easter Egg Place Mats with Felt 
alt Easter Egg Rock Art by Jedda
alt Easter Egg Wraps by Vicky Evans
alt Easter Hunt Kit by Brandee Fitts
alt Easter Rabbit you can make
alt Easter Story - Christ by Tomb
alt Easter Tomb Craft by Jeanette Voss
alt Edible Easter Necklaces
alt Funny Putty
alt Handprint Paper Flowers
alt Homemade Easter Baskets by Kathy Johnston
alt I can be resurrected, just like Jesus
alt Jesus Christ Ascending Craft
alt Make an Easter Egg Tree
alt Paper Plate Tombs
alt Pop Up Easter Craft
alt Silk Dyed Eggs
alt Some really cute crafts from Danielle's Place
alt Spring Jelly Bean Mosaic
alt String Eggs
alt The Easter Story Craft
alt Tip Junkie -  Q-Tip Painted Eggs


alt Family Home Evening Lesson on Easter by Deseret Book
alt Family Home Evening Lesson #2 on Easter by Deseret Book
alt Golden Egg Hunt
alt Jesus Christ FHE
alt My daughter planned a simple and fun FHE tonight for Easter.  She colored 16 Easter eggs on card stock and cut them out.  On the back of 8 she put scripture references for scriptures centered on Christ and the Atonement, and on the back of the other 8 she put the actual words of each of the scriptures (without the references.  All the words were typed out for the sake of time.).  She hid the eggs, we hunted for them, and once we found them we read the scriptures and matched them to their references.  (Idea by Jocelyn Williams / ga04102013)
alt You've been egged! by Brandee Doty


alt Egg Alphabet Game
alt Egg Counting Game
alt File Folder Game by Megan Mills


alt Easter Basket Turnover
alt I went on a Easter Egg Hunt - To play, the first player starts by mentioning an item and says, "I went on an Easter Egg Hunt and I found a CANDY BAG."  The next player then adds another item, and also repeats the first item said, "I went on an Easter Egg Hunt and I found a CANDY BAG and a BASKET."  Continue adding a new item each turn until a player forgets to mention a previously mentioned item in the proper sequence.  Continue until one player remains.
alt In and Out of the Tomb
alt Some Easter Games
alt Who's Got The Stone??


alt A small brown bird
alt Bunny Box Pattern
alt Easter all week (bookmarks) by Cynthia Gentry
alt Easter Bunny Poop
alt Easter Egg Wraps by Vicky Evans
alt Easter Handout from Emma's Place
alt Easter Poem Bookmark by Laura Haycock
alt Easter Time (bookmarks) by Julianna Purcell
alt I made a handout with two sections. One was titled "Spring" and the other "Easter." I put bunnies and flowers on the spring side and a picture of the Savior on the Easter side. Then I talked about how there are new flowers and bunnies and chicks, etc in the spring, but the true meaning of Easter is the resurrection of Christ. I don't know if the little children understood, but it made me feel better! (Idea by Leiane Nelson)
alt Jump for Joy
alt Our Daily Obsessions - printable
alt Resurrection/Easter Bookmarks from
alt We did little Easter Baskets for the Visiting Teachers with a Hollow Plastic Egg and explained the symbolism of the empty egg and the tomb and had the scripture Matthew 28:6 attached.  I have diabetic sisters so no food treats! (Idea by Stephanie Thomas / ga03312007)
alt You've been egged! by Toni Gull


alt Easter Basket Cupcakes
alt Easter Jiggler Baskets
alt Easy Easter Carrots (fun idea!)
alt Easter Pops
alt Edible Birds Nest
alt How to make Easter Eggs
alt Marshmallow Peep Recipes & Crafts
alt Peanut Butter Bunny Crisp Cake (real cute!)
alt Resurrection Rolls
alt Easter S'Mores In A Jar


alt Christ-centered Easter Baskets
alt Easter Egg Lesson (you'll need 12 plastic Easter eggs)
alt Easter Activity Ideas by Natalie Hill and Raelyn Webster
alt Easter Scripture Study
alt Easter Story Cookies
alt Edible Tombs - could be used as part of a Family Home Evening, Sharing Time, etc.
alt Family Easter Traditions
alt Names of Jesus Garland
alt Keeping the Holiness in the Holiday by Denise Richins
alt LDS Easter Ideas
alt Last week of the Savior's Life by Craig Alger
alt My husband and I decided to institute a Christ-centered Easter celebration. We created short activities to remind our children of sacred events that happened the last week of the Savior’s mortal ministry. Some of the activities were lighthearted, such as breaking a donkey-shaped piñata to celebrate Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Others were more solemn, such as holding a candlelight dinner on Saturday evening in which we read the Book of Mormon account of the three days of darkness before Christ’s visit to the Americas.  As our children have grown older, we have modified our traditions to match their interests and attention spans. We look forward each year to our special, Christ-centered Easter week. (by Donna Cardon, Idea from April 1999 Ensign)
alt Our Week Long Easter Experience
alt The Living Christ: A 30 Day Easter Countdown by Montserrat Wadsworth
alt Resurrection Rolls


alt Jesus Christ Made It Possible for Us to Live Forever (Primary 3 Manual)
alt The Book of Mormon Is a Witness of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Primary 4)
alt The Gift of the Atonement (Primary 6)
alt The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Primary 1 Manual)
alt We Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Primary 2)


alt How we teach our children about Easter, Ensign, April 1974, p. 42
alt Picture Eggs by Libby Osborn
alt Shandy Vogt has prepared an Easter presentation as a Windows Movie File (with some added conference excerpts of Easter messages, etc.) If you'd like to create a free account with 4Shared you can download it here.  
alt Silent Easter Lesson
alt Silent Easter and Atonement Lesson by Kate Porter
alt The Women of Calvary by Dede Bessey
alt Why This Holy Land? by Kristen Mayle

LESSON PLANS (for school):

alt Easter themed Lesson Plans


 An Eggstra Special Lunch


alt Easter Day
alt Easter Hosanna
alt Easter Morn, April 1975, New Era
alt Easter Song Friend April 1984
alt He is not here for He is Risen, August 1985, New Era
alt I Remember the Savior, April 1983, New Era
alt On One Spring Day, April 1974 Ensign
alt Our Easter Song


alt When the Son Arose… He brought an everlasting light.


alt He is Risen
alt He Lives: Testimonies of Jesus Christ
alt His Sacred Name - An Easter Declaration
alt None were with Him by Jeffrey R. Holland
alt The Miracle


 Attributes of Christ by Valerie Lee
alt Easter Egg Thank You
alt Easter Rebus Friend April 1987
alt Homemade Egg Dyes
alt Party with Gram and Gramp - Some of the most memorable family activity is one that we call Grandkids Parties with Gram & Gramp.  On each holiday, each family, my family has 5 siblings so we each take an activity or a food assignment to help my parents out.  My parents have 16 grandkids and they vary in age from 12 to one years old.  We have activities for the older kids and then some activities for the younger children.  We have a craft that goes along with the holiday theme like Twinkies that are made into a bunny face. (The twinkies are actually the two ears and then a pink snowball from Hostess is the bunnies round face.  Then decorate with jellybeans for eyes and string licorice for whiskers.  They are adorable and each child loves them.  We have a game and snacks that go along with the holiday we are celebrating. (cupcake walk, plinko, fish pond, or relay races)  My two girls especially love the holiday parties with their gram & gramp! (Idea by Jana Williams / 091502006)
alt Pioneer Easter Eggs Friend March 1997
alt The First Easter, April 2000 Friend


alt Easter Bunny Poop
alt Easter Poem
alt Easter Time, April 1996 Friend
alt Jelly Bean Prayer
alt The Jelly Bean Poem


alt Easter Subway Art by Allison
alt Free Easter Printables from Skip to my Lou
alt Subway Art by The Crazy Cardmaker


alt Easter Egg Jello Mold
alt Easter Jello Mold
alt Jelly Bean Jiggler Mold


alt Easter Power Point by Whit Larson
alt Easter Power Point Program from
alt Easter Program, "Behold, I am John" (Click on Easter)
alt Silent Easter Lesson
alt Testimony of Easter (March 1986 Friend)
alt Why We Rejoice - An Easter Program, March 2005 Friend
alt Young Women Easter Lesson Ideas


alt One Liners
alt Quick Quotes


alt Because of the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, I will be resurrected
alt "Dr. Harper's" Easter Sharing Time by Jamie Harper
alt Easter and Springtime by Natalie Houston
alt Easter Egg Singing/Sharing Time by Kristen Barrett
alt Easter Museum
alt Easter Presentation for Sharing Time
alt Easter Sharing Time by Katie Poland
alt Easter Sharing Time by Lindsay Felt
alt Easter Sharing Time by Michelle Williams
alt Easter Sharing Time by Nancy Fuller
alt Easter Singing/Sharing Time Idea by Irene Dayley
alt He Lives
alt Testimony of Easter, Friend of March 1986
alt We have a time machine curtain that we use every few months and have someone from the past visit us.  This Easter Sunday we asked a sister in the ward to come as Mary Magdalene.  She studied about Mary’s life so she could share some things with the primary.  She started out by letting the children ask some questions and she would give clues as to who she was.  This sister was so filled with the spirit as she portrayed Mary that all in the room could feel it.  She made us feel as though we were there with her witnessing the Savior on Golgotha and at the tomb.  We felt her joy as she talked about seeing the resurrected Savior.  It was exactly what we wanted to have happen.  (Idea by Jennifer Borup from Kaysville, Utah / ga04162009)
alt Witnesses of Christ by Melanie Day

alt Easter Singing Time Ideas


alt Jeremy's Egg
alt The Bridge
alt The Faces of Easter (good for young children)
alt The First Easter, Friend April 1988
alt Wait three days


alt Easter Table Decorations from Tip Junkie


alt Christ, Our Advocate and High Priest by John S. Tanner - A great talk about Easter and the Atonement
alt None Were With Him by Jeffrey R. Holland (April 2009 General Conference Report)


alt Lesson Plans Page
alt Teaching with Heart

VIDEO CLIPS - Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt Easter Dream - A young boy learns to cope with the loss of his father by discovering through a dream the true meaning of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 22:14 min.
alt My Joy is Full - (Video Clip #8) put with the music "I know that my Redeemer Lives" from the EFY CD. (Visuals and music highlight the Savior's visit among the inhabitants of North America, providing a unique view of his love. 3:05 min)