alt Corn Maze Activity
alt Gastronomical Inn
alt Halloween Carnival from the Scriptures - This activity could be done on a small or large scale.  It could be used as a Quarterly Activity, Ward Activity or Family Party!  
alt Halloween Scripture Mastery
alt Human Clue by Stephanie Waite
alt Murder Mystery Activity Ideas
alt Pumpkin Balls - Purchase plastic golf balls or ping pong balls and spray paint them orange. Next using permanent marker draw different silly and spooky faces on them. Let dry. Place these balls in a large container or water table.  Let children use fish nets and let them catch all the pumpkins. Put the pumpkins, once caught, in a large jack lantern (plastic store bought one)
alt Scripture Dinner
alt Scripture Treating on Bible Boo-levard by Peggy Strupp
alt Super Halloween Party Idea 
alt This is a simple tradition, but my children love it. We do a pumpkin carving night together. I use the Pillsbury biscuits to make donuts. Just pop open the can and fry them in oil. Cover them in sugar, cinnamon, or powdered sugar. When we are done carving we light up the Jack-o-lanterns, turn off the light and take turns telling made up spooky stories. And of course eat the yummy donuts. We even play the music from the Haunted Mansion from Disneyland.  My friend makes treats for FHE before Halloween and has her children put their costumes on to deliver them to friends and ward members and neighbors. This gives them an opportunity to dress up more than once. And the people love to see the cute children in their costumes.  (Idea shared by Annie Skinner / ga10132007)
alt Treats for Troops by Sheila Orellana
alt Trick or Treat
alt Trunk or Treat Activity
alt Trick-or-Treat Youth Activity by Cheri Goldscheitter
alt Trunk-or-Treat Idea - (shared by Malinda Karpowitz / ga09172007) We did a trunk or treat the other year and it was great.  They started out by having everyone bring a soup or bread.  It was cold and nice to warm up with.  Everyone ate and got some nutrition in them, then we went outside and did the trunk or treat part.  It was great.  A little of something for everyone.  They also had a photographer there to take a fall picture of the kids in their costumes.  Just a fun thing to do for Halloween.
alt Trunk or Treat Parking - Last night I attended my grandson's ward for their Halloween party. It was great. They did the trunk-or-treating by having everyone back their car into the parking places right up to the sidewalk all around the building. That way the children walked on the sidewalk around the building and did not have to walk in the parking lot to do the trunk-or-treating. That particular building has parking on 3 sides and the front side faces the street.  People who were not participating in the trunk-or-treating parked their cars in the outside parking places.  It worked out great! Two wards combined for the event and they figured there were about 300 people in attendance.  Many people mentioned that they had never thought of parking the cars that way before. Just thought I would pass it along. (Idea by Donna Cuillard)
alt Trunk or Treat Soup Dinner


alt Halloween Banner (printable)


alt Five Little Pumpkins 
alt The Spooky Laboratory Flip Book


alt 1.5 oz candy bar wrapper - Happy Halloween


alt Graphics and Printables by Matthew Mead


alt A fun costume idea for when you're pregnant
alt Lots of Costume Ideas from Family Fun


alt Halloween Countdown Calendar
alt Halloween Countdown Chain


alt Adorable Misbehaving Candy Eating Monsters
alt Boo-tastic Fabric Wrapped Letters
alt Burlap Pumpkin Tutorial (so easy and cute!)
alt Candy Corn Soap
alt Easy Halloween Headband 
alt Easy No-Sew Pumpkin
alt Felt Pumpkin Faces
alt Gauzy Ghosts
alt General Bone E. Part
alt Glue Ghosts
alt Halloween Bat Clips
alt Halloween Eye Spy Bottle
alt Halloween Votives
alt Haunted Glasses
alt Homemade Slime Recipes
alt Mrs. Ritenour's October Craft Ideas
alt Paper Bag Pumpkins
alt Paper Bats
alt Paper Witch Hat Treat Boxes
alt Pumpkin Bouquets  
alt Pumpkin Pie Playdough 
alt Quick and Easy Vintage Spiders
alt Some Halloween Crafts
alt Spider Pops
alt Sugar Skulls
alt Witch Broom Treat Bags


alt A couple of years ago, for my costume, I ran to Wal-Mart and bought a golden T-shirt for $4, then wrapped silver duct tape around my belly, chest, and mouth.  When asked, I replied that I was "the sealed portion of the golden plates."  It was a hit. (Idea by Jeff) 
alt Babysitter - Strap a doll to your rear-end and sit on it.
alt Buccaneer - Attach a dollar to each ear (get it? Buck-an-Ear).
alt Ceiling Fan - Write "Go Ceilings!" on the front of your shirt. And don't forget to cheer! 
alt Chick Magnet - Attach Barbie dolls all over yourself. 
alt Deviled Egg - Dress in all white and paint or attach a yellow circle (you can use construction paper or felt) to your stomach.
alt Floor of a movie theater - Dress up in all black and tease your hair. Apply candy wrappers, chewed gum, lots of popcorn. If you can, attach real movie theater cups or popcorn boxes for a realistic touch. (Heather from Virginia)
alt Gold Digger - Put on a gold dress. Sprinkle gold glitter in your lip gloss. Paint your nails gold. Paint a toy shovel gold, and carry it with a bag of gold rocks. (Dawn Lally)
alt Grandma got ran over by a reindeer - Dress up like an old lady, with dress, slippers and a grey wig. Then put hoof prints on your back. 
alt Half Asleep/Half Awake - Cut some pajamas in half, and sew one side to half a pair of pants and half a shirt. On the asleep side, put your hair in curlers, wear no make-up, keep eyes closed and wear a slipper. On the awake side, curl your hair, wear make-up, and wear a shoe. Carry a pillow on your asleep side, and a briefcase on your awake side. (Mak Jan)
alt Jelly Beans - How about a grocery store product like a loaf of bread or peanut butter and jelly or a bag of jelly beans for the bag of jelly beans you only need a large clear garbage bag and a bunch of balloons you put the garbage bag on make holes for your arms and legs and tie the top around your neck with a large colorful ribbon then fill the garbage bag with tons of balloons its inexpensive and really cute. (Credit Unknown)
alt Leaf Blower - Wear a baseball cap with a leaf dangling down in front of your face. When someone asks what you are, blow on the leaf!
alt Like everyone else in the country, my husband and I are feeling the crunch from high gas and grocery prices, and we have been worried about what to do for our one-year-old son's Halloween costume. Last week at church, my husband got inspired: a missionary! We have black pants, a white shirt, and a tie, and we're borrowing a suit jacket from a family member. Add to that an actual missionary nametag and a little backpack, and we have spent nothing on our son's costume. (Shared by Amy Mcbramy / ga10202008)
alt My teenage son dressed up as Mr. Smarty Pants last year. You just take a bunch of individually wrapped Smarties and tape them to your pants with clear packing tape. He loved it! Fun and easy! (Shared by Lisa Coombs / ga10202008)
alt Operation Game Man - Wear pale pink or flesh-colored clothing, with a red clown nose and fake wig. Use felt to create game pieces (butterflies in the stomach, broken heart, wrenched ankle, etc.). Attach the pieces to the appropriate location on your body with velcro. Optional: Carry a large pair of tweezers so people can try their luck at removing your parts, and carry a hidden hand buzzer. (Brianne)
alt Paperdoll Costume Idea
alt Partly Cloudy With A Chance of Showers - Wear blue surgical scrubs, glue cotton in a patchy pattern all over the shirt and carry a squirt gun. (Ross Dahl)
alt Q-tip - Puff up your hair and spray or powder it white (or wear a wig). Wrap your body in blue plastic wrap. Put cotton over your shoes. 
alt Snackbar - Attach open bags of snacks to you (chips, pretzels, cheese puffs, nuts, etc.). Your friends will love it! They will be snacking on you all night long. 
alt Tickled Pink - Wear pink clothes and carry a feather. 
alt Web Page - Glue pages from a book onto a black sweatshirt and sweatpants. Add spider webbing to your hair. Voila! Instant internet!


alt Halloween Decor Ideas
alt Halloween Party Decoration Ideas
alt Painted Pumpkins....chalkboard style
alt Party Decoration Ideas


alt Dem Bones and other fun Halloween themes - several printables and fun worksheet ideas
alt Do Pumpkins Float? - Display a large graph with the above question. Make a column for yes (yes, pumpkins float) and one for no (no they don't float). Give each student a cut-out of a pumpkin and have them place their pumpkin on the class graph. Discuss how many students think the pumpkins will float and how many think they won't. Give each group of students a sand pail filled with water and a small pumpkin. Allow them to see if the pumpkin floats. Have them discuss their findings with their group.
alt The Ultimate Halloween Resources for Teachers and Parents


Don't be tricked by Nancy Fuller
alt Family Home Evening Lesson on Halloween Safety
alt Spookley the Square Pumpkin by Ivy Bonhorst
alt Three Naughty Ghosts - FHE idea for young children

A gruesome guessing game 
alt Bat Walk
alt Boo am I?
alt Don't eat Frank
alt Fall Festival Games  
alt Halloween Bingo Game - use candy corns to cover up spaces
alt Halloween Pumpkin Hunt
alt Lots of Halloween Games
alt Mad Scientist's Laboratory
alt Monster Mouth Game
alt Musical Tombstones
alt Pumpkin bowling - Use 2 liter bottles half filled with water.  Put cap on tight.  Use small pumpkins for bowling balls.
alt Skeleton Fun
alt Some Gross Halloween Games
alt Telling a scary tale
alt The Monster Lab
alt Witches Stew


Apple Cider (cold or hot)
alt Bagel's and put food coloring in the cream cheese - either orange or green
alt Chocolate chip pumpkin muffins
alt Pancakes poured like a pumpkin and of coarse it has orange or green food coloring
alt Pumpkin bread with butter
alt Sausage links (fingers)
alt Waffles with food coloring and whipping cream


alt A sweet curse
alt Boo! Just to let you know we were thinking of you.  Here is something you might like to chew.  Please share and do not hoard. From the youth/children of the ______________ Ward. (Credit Unknown)
alt Gooooood Evennnnnning!!
alt How to start the "boo" in your neighborhood!
alt You've Been Boo'd!
alt The Phantom Has Been Here!
alt The Phantom Haunts!
alt This is the time


Bat Chips
alt Candy Caramel Apples
alt Creepy Cupcakes
alt Crunchy breadsticks wrapped in bacon strips and then rolled in parmesan cheese - I did these for a Halloween party once and labeled them as skin and bones...really grossed people out but the food was good. We also bought pasta made with squid ink (the taste was normal - just black color) and put it in red sauce...called it Medusa's hair.
alt Dinner in a Pumpkin
alt Eyeball pie - graham cracker crust with grapes inside and whipped cream/topping on top. Preschoolers especially love it!  You could also use gummy worms.
alt Fingers
alt Halloween Caramel Apples
alt Halloween Cupcakes
alt Halloween Kitty Liter 
alt Halloween Pops
alt Halloween Recipes
alt Jack-o'-range
alt Just Gross - Get an unused bed pan. Put yellow Jell-O with Baby Ruth's in it!! So gross but fun!
alt Ladies' fingers - make meatballs in the shape of fingers and insert an almond into the tip. After cooking and glazing with sweet and sour sauce (preferably something red) they look quite gruesome.
alt Monster Brains in Skulls to die for
alt Mr. Blue's Toilet Bowl Punch - Get some blue Kool-Aid and make it up.  Put Hershey's kisses in an ice cube tray, one for each section. Then add water. Freeze. Add your "poop" ice cubes to blue Kool-Aid, and there you have it, toilet bowl punch.
 alt Mummy Cupcakes (see picture on right) - Just frost the cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  Then you use white frosting and put tic tac's on for eyes. (These were made by my cousin and used as refreshments for a baby shower.... hence the pink bows...) Cute, huh?
alt Nutter Butter Ghosts - You could dip nutter butter cookies into white chocolate and put two small chocolate chips on them for the eyes of the ghost.
alt Pencil Pops
alt Pickled Worms
alt Pumpkin Faces - You'll need English muffins, orange spreadable cheese, and raisins.  Let the children spread the cheese on the English muffin. Let them arrange the raisins to make the eyes, nose and mouth.
alt Pumpkin Pudding Cones - You'll need 1/3 can of pumpkin pie filling with spices, 8 oz. prepared whipped topping, 2 packages of instant vanilla pudding, milk, and ice cream cones.  Let the children help mix the pudding with the milk according to instant pudding directions. Add the pumpkin pie filling and stir well (or use electric mixer). The children then spoon the mixture into ice cream cones. "Frost" the tops with whipped topping. This works well with small paper cups rather than the ice cream cones!
alt Pumpkin Smoothies
alt Pumpkin Snot
alt Rice Krispie Pumpkins - Make rice krispies following the directions on the cereal box but add orange food coloring to the marshmallows. When cool roll into balls and then decorate faces on them. Use shoelace licorice for a mouth, green gumdrop for the stem, M&M's or red hots for the eyes and nose.
alt Slime Salad
alt Snakes on a Stick
alt Spaghetti Dinner - make spaghetti for Halloween served out of plastic skull trick-or-treat containers.
alt Spider Cider
alt Spooky Ghosts
alt Web Crawlers and a few other creepy recipes
alt Wicked Witch Dippers
alt Witch Brew Mix
alt Worms on a Bun and a few other scary recipes


alt Free Printable Halloween Invitations and Cards (scroll down)


alt "In case you didn't know....women are angels. And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly.....on a broomstick. We are flexible like that."


alt Halloween Missionary Care Package Printables by Laurie Johnson


alt Halloween Carols


alt A Pumpkin's Prayer


alt Before you garbage that Halloween candy, save it in your top cupboard (or wherever) and use it to make Gingerbread houses in December. Save yourself the expense of having to buy the it won't matter if it goes stale because it is just for decor. (Melanie Day)
alt Autumn Pillow Boxes by Dana Cockrum
alt Boo Brew Kit
alt Countdown to Halloween
alt Dracula's Grab Bag, a fun idea
alt Fall Fireside Idea - Share Ghost stories as in the Holy Ghost. Things like how to recognize the promptings, how we need to be doing our part to be able to 'hear' the Holy Ghost, etc. (Idea by Christine)
alt Frighteningly Frugal Fun - How to make face paint, fake wound, fake blood and more!
alt Fun Tidbit - I read that you can put a spice, like cinnamon,  cloves or other, in a carved Pumpkin and when you light a candle in it, it gives off a wonderful scent. (Shared by Sharlene Mickelson / ga10132007)
alt Halloween Devotional Idea
alt Halloween Hair Styles
alt Halloween Joke Jar
alt Halloween Printables
alt Halloween Sayings (cute)
alt Halloween Service Ideas
alt How to make Halloween Slime!
alt Mummy Spoon
alt Tons of Halloween Ideas


alt School Party Ideas


alt Customize and print your own Halloween invitations for free


alt Halloween Holy Ghost Poem
alt Halloween Poem Printable by Bree Heaton
alt Pumpkin Poop


alt Fun Halloween Graphics and Printables by Matthew Mead
alt Last minute Halloween Printables
alt Soda Pop Labels


Black Cat
alt Lot's and Lot's of templates
alt Pumpkin Decor


alt Halloween Sayings


alt Trick-or-treat Scripture Mastery Game by Natalie Hill


A Harvest Carol - from Christian Crafters
alt Dry Bones - from Christian Crafters
alt Pumpkin Patch


alt A Sack of Apples - can also be used as a sharing time
alt Stripling Warriors - It's about some children who dressed up like the stripling warriors for Halloween and then put on their costumes the next morning and cleaned up the neighborhood. It's a great story about children doing missionary work and service, applying the scriptures to them, honoring their parents, etc.
alt Three Naughty Ghosts


alt Halloween Subway Art