by Emily Christian of Boerne Texas / ga10212008

 The Wednesday before General Conference, we used the little purple journals, that come with the Personal Progress books, to make General Conference Journals for the girls to take notes in. I printed up little pictures of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve, each with their name printed vertically down the right side. The girls taped the pictures in the book going down the side of the pages, like little tabs. Without even trying, the pictures fit perfectly in 3 rows of 5. 
The girls were super excited, and so was I, to use these! My 10-year-old daughter wanted one, too- so we made one out of a spiral notebook- it worked well, too.  This led to the YM/YW combined activity the week after Conference, an open notes General Conference Trivia game. The girls took it VERY seriously - the boys, not so much. The girls were disappointed that we divided the group into teams with boys and girls- not boys against girls. They would've CREAMED the boys! :)
Each of the leaders made up questions from the Sat/Sun AM sessions. My awesome 2nd Counselor was in charge, and took each of the answers (and some "duds" to throw them off!) cut them into strips, divided them into categories, and put them in envelopes, one for each team. The teams had about 6 youth each. On the far side of the Cultural Hall, we had four chairs set-up, each with a point value on the back where they couldn't see until they came to look. After each question, one player from each team picked an answer from the answer strips, ran it to a leader, and after approval on a correct answer, picked a chair with the highest point value. (We switched the points on the chairs after each round...) They were running like crazy, hopping over chairs, and having a blast! I highly recommend this game!
At BYC that night, the Bishop suggested that the youth pick the questions from the next General Conference to try and stump the leaders- they LOVED that idea! :)

CLICK HERE to open the photo tabs she made for the journals (2 sets per page)


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