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alt Family Night Scripture Activity


alt FHE Agenda Outline by Bethany Marble


alt Family Home Evening - Life Saver Wrappers from (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)


alt Picture from February 2006 Friend - Family Night


alt Customizable FHE Board Template by Jill Means
alt FHE Chart Ideas from LDS Splash
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alt Non Bulky FHE Board by How Does She?
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alt A Family Home Evening Birthday
alt Building Our Family Through Home Evenings
alt Planning FHE for the year - As some of you know, choosing the topic for FHE can be harder than preparing the lesson.  Janetta shares a possible outline for the year. (Shared by by Janetta Graham / ga10162007)


alt Family Home Evening Games by Janetta Graham
alt Pop Quiz - a fun way to ask your lesson questions

alt General Conference FHE Jars by Julie Logue


alt A Gift from Heaven -  March 1971 Ensign
alt An Anchor to Family Security -  September 1986 Ensign
alt Do We Have To?  --  Another Look at Family Home Evening  -  April 1984 Ensign
alt Family Home Evening in a Jar
alt Family Home Evening - November 1975 Ensign
alt Family Home Evening as a Missionary Tool  -  June 2005 Ensign, p. 28
alt Family Home Evening: Counsel and a Promise, Ensign, June 2003, 12
alt Family Home Evening for One  -  October 1989 Ensign
alt Fantastic Family Nights - 2007 Women's Conference Handout and Info
alt Fathers and Family Home Evening:  A Case in Point  -  February 1974 Ensign
alt Great Home Evenings - A Tale of Two Families  -  Dec. 2000 Ensign
alt Looking for a Family Home Evening Lesson?  -  July 1999 Ensign
alt Making Monday Memories
alt Successful Family Home Evenings, Ensign, June 2003, 7
alt Enriching Our Lives Through Family Home Evening by Pres. James E Faust Ensign June 2003


alt Assignment Boards and Wheels, Agendas (Lots of fun ideas)
alt Families Can't Flub with FHE Clubs  
alt Family Finch -This website contains TONS of different games and ideas.  You can download the games for about $1 each and you can print them in color or black and white.
alt Family Home Evening in a Can
alt Family Home Evening in a Jar
alt Family Night Phantom 
alt Home Evening Service
alt Hush - taken from the October 2000 Friend
alt Family Home Evening: Tastes and smells of learning
alt Master Planned Monday's
alt No Stress Family Home Evening
alt Personalized Magic Carpets by Heather Loverde
alt Red Licorice Reward by Melanie Day
alt Reinforcing Lessons from Primary - A good idea
alt Strengthening Our Families through Family Home Evening
alt Surviving Family Home Evening and Surviving It


 Deseret Book - Children's Primary Songs Learning Keyboard
alt Club FHE
alt Crafty Copies
alt Family Night Lessons
alt Hatch Patch Creations - download a sample Family Home Evening Lesson


alt One Liners
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alt Quotes on Family Home Evening from W.O.O.L.


alt Family Home Evening Strengthens my Family - Hold a bundle of sticks in your hand. Break one of the sticks in half. Tie all the sticks together with string. Show how difficult it is to break the sticks when they are tied together. Tell the children that the sticks represent members of a family. Emphasize that when we are alone we are not as strong as when we are with our family. Explain that family home evening can be like the string that unites and strengthens the family. Teach the children that they can help their family home evenings be successful by helping plan them and willingly participating. Tell the children you are going to help them prepare a story about Joseph Smith's First Vision that they could share during a family home evening. Help them make a simple visual aid they could use to tell the story of the First Vision. (For example: drawings, cutouts, or finger puppets. See resources below.) Using the same visual aid the children have prepared, briefly tell the story of the First Vision (see Joseph Smith—History 1:5–20). Then invite one or two children to tell the story using their visual aids. Explain that music is an important part of family home evening and that you are going to teach a song they can use during their home evenings. Teach the third verse of "On a Golden Springtime" (p. 88). Bear testimony of the importance of family home evening in strengthening our families. Encourage the children to tell the story and teach the song in an upcoming family home evening (with their parents' permission).  For older children: See the second activity under "Learning and Living the Gospel" in the Faith in God booklet, page 6.  Resources for visuals of Joseph Smith's First Vision: Behold Your Little Ones (nursery manual), lesson 21; "Joseph Smith's First Vision," Friend, Mar. 2008, 48; "Joseph Smith's First Vision," Friend, Oct. 1991, 16–17.  (Idea taken from the July 2009 Sharing Time)


alt Family Home Evening with a Friend (October 2006 Friend)


alt Enriching Our Lives through Family Home Evening, James E. Faust
alt Family Councils: A Conversation with Elder and Sister Ballard, Ensign, June 2003, 14
alt Therefore, I Was Taught,  L. Tom Perry,  Gen. Conf.,  April 2, 1994


alt Family Home Evening Recipe Book by Cheryl Jorgensen
alt Oreo Pops
alt Raw Cookie Dough Recipe by Colette Bomsta
alt S'more pops by Lisa Smith


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alt Church Website
alt Family Home Evening Blog
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