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alt "Grampa" Bill's G.A. Pages
alt Thomas S. Monson (Biography from October 1995 Liahona)
alt Thomas S. Monson, 16th President of the Church - Basic Facts and Biographical Sketch


alt Mini Candy Bar Wrapper from - with name or without name


alt Thomas S. Monson (matching activity - picture now and as child - look at B and 2)


alt First Presidency Coloring Picture by Jeanne Kluse


alt Thomas S. Monson Activity by Barb Bennett - Could be used as a matching game or as a coloring page.
alt Thomas S. Monson Matching Game by Barb Bennett


alt Follow the Prophet verse for President Monson in Spanish written by Violeta Ramirez 
alt Follow the Prophet verse with President Monson


alt Funny Moments with President Monson
alt President Monson's Ear Wiggle


alt Friend to Friend from October 1981 Friend
alt President Monson Cover Sheet - For General Conference Packet by Liz Carroll
alt President Thomas S. Monson: Man of Action, Man of Faith, Always ‘on the Lord’s Errand’
alt Scouting Award Presented to President Thomas S. Monson


alt First Presidency Puzzle by Regan Ashford
alt Prophet Maze by Christine Henrichsen



alt First, collect tidbits or clues about President Monson by reading about his life.  Divide the clues into five categories…for example, “Church Service”, “Hobbies”, etc.  You’ll call on a child and have them wait in the hall with an adult.  Before the child leaves the room, they will choose one of the five topics.  Then ask them, how many questions do you think you’ll need to ask to discover the answer?  The challenge is they have to correctly guess the answer in the number of tries they predicted.  Once they’ve left, tell the rest of the Primary the whole clue.  For example, if they chose “Church Service” in four tries… could tell them, “President Monson was called to be an apostle at age 36.”  Then, the child returns to the room you would say, “President Monson was called to be an apostle at the age of…..”  They try to guess the answer in four tries, but they can only ask yes/no questions.  The rest of the Primary answers their questions by standing up when the answer is “yes” and sitting when the answer is “no”.   (Idea by Melanie Day)
alt Thomas S. Monson Sharing Time by Natalie Hill


alt My Father Is A Prophet by his daughter Ann M. Dibb
alt Hidden Wedges- April 2002 Conference Report


alt The Church has a website full of information on Thomas S. Monson that might help you with a Family Home Evening, Sharing Time or just to read over.  Check it out.