alt Prepare a simple obstacle course. Have each person try to get through it backwards. After everyone has had a turn, let them go through the same course looking forward. Discuss how looking forward is like forgiveness, because when we forgive, we can concentrate on our future and forget the hurts of our past.
alt Walking in their shoes


alt  Forgivness
alt The Twin Virtues of Forgivness and Mercy


alt I can forgive others by Megan Mills


alt Forgive and Forget


alt Attach this saying to any "bee" related item: "Forgiveness is a funny thing.  It warms the heart and cools the sting."
alt Be ready to forgive by Nicki Brammer
alt Forgive S'more and S'more by Lesley Rominger
alt Forgiveness Flour Handout by Cindy Wilkinson
alt Forgiveness Handout by Carly Dias
alt Fogiveness Handout by Erika Miller
alt Forgiveness Handout by Quite Pinteresting - Holding a grudge is like swallowing posion
alt God's Forgiveness

alt Handout Idea from Christy's Clipart
 Handout Idea 1
alt Handout Idea 2
alt Licorice rope that is tied into knots. Attach following saying: "Look at your twisted and knotted licorice. That's what anger makes us feel like: twisted up inside. There is a cure, it's called forgiveness." (You could also print a scripture to go with it).
alt Serve doughnuts with the following thought. "Surround yourself with forgiveness, mercy, and love, just like the hole in the doughnut." OR Starburst Fruit Chews or Gum, with the thought, "Chews to love your enemies." (From Homemaking Cottage)
alt S'more Candybar with this saying attached - "Don't just forgive...forgive s'more"


alt Let it go - "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you" (Matthew 5:38-44). One of the great principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the ability to forgive. This is part of the trials and adversities we experience while on the earth, resulting from our own action or by the action of another. There are so many who are unwilling to forgive and forget. Go to the Lord., find faith in the Atonement, ask for forgiveness, forgive yourself or another, and LET IT GO! (Women's Conference 2006)
alt Read Genesis 42-45. Discuss the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors. Point out how we should forgive others, just as Joseph did....even if "they don't deserve it."


alt Help Me, Dear Father (Children's Songbook pg. 99)
alt Lord I would follow thee (Hymn book #220)


alt Ask a class member to make a paper airplane, or make one yourself. Tape a coin, rock, or weight to one side of the airplane. Stand on the same side of the room as the class members, and ask a class member to throw the airplane gently toward the other side of the room. Next, pick up the airplane and remove the taped object. Have the class member throw the airplane again. After the class member has done so a few times, put the airplane away, and ask the following questions: How can just one small weight keep the plane from flying correctly? Explain that taping a weight to the wing of a paper airplane is like holding a grudge. When we refuse to forgive others, we carry around a weight that keeps us from traveling the straight and narrow path our Father in Heaven wants for us. It is important to forgive others so that we can enjoy the companionship of the Holy Spirit and grow spiritually.
alt Chocolate (piece of) - describe the taste of chocolate as being a sweet, savory, and succulent taste. Compare it with the feelings of forgiveness...that we just have to keep going back for more chocolate. After the burdens are lightened through forgiveness, we want to keep forgiving to make sure we keep feeling those feelings. Just like we feel like we need chocolate, we must also feel like we need forgiveness.
alt Invite a child to come to the front of the room, and place a backpack, a large cloth bag, or a large paper sack in his arms. Explain to the children that feeling resentment against another person stops us from becoming like the Savior. As you explain, fill the backpack with large rocks or bricks. Explain that carrying resentment or hard feelings is like carrying a heavy burden. When we forgive others, the Lord will forgive us and lighten that burden. Where possible, take the children outside to select a rock as a reminder. (Idea taken from the August 1996 Friend Magazine)


Abide with Me
 Forgiveness: My burden was made light
alt Why we forgive - forgiveness


Nephi Forgives:  How Can We Help Each Other Keep Our Baptismal Covenants?


As I forgive, I will be forgiven
alt I will be forgiven
alt Forgiveness Sharing Time by Jennifer Schwartz


alt Be Christ-Like Anyway
alt Forgiveness Flour


alt One Liners
alt Quick Quotes


alt The scriptures teach me that Jesus Christ forgave those who repented-I can be forgiven when I repent. 
alt What are those spots? by Janelle Heath
alt Forgiveness Sharing time 


alt The Power of Forgiveness by Peggy Gordon
The Unmerciful Servant Reader's Theatre by Shannon Owen
alt Power of Forgivness from - The story of Joseph, the broken video game, and the power of forgivness.


alt FHE Treat - Make S'mores in the microwave.  "Don't just forgive....forgive s'more!"  Take one graham cracker square, put on it an equal sized chocolate square and top with a marshmallow.  Microwave on high until soft.  Top with a second graham cracker square.  Eat.  Eat s'more!  : )


alt A victim treats his mugger right
alt Jesus, could you forgive me?
alt My Dad's Apology - Love this story!
alt The duck and the devil
alt Janie's Seventy Times Seven
alt Melody in F - (Author Unknown) A comical retelling of the story of the Prodigal son from LDS Splash.
alt Pebble of Forgiveness in February 2003 Friend
alt "Pockets Full of Rocks" - Fiction Story from March 1985 New Era (teaching forgiveness, etc.)
alt Story on Forgiveness by Harold B. Lee
alt The duck and the devil - this story shows exactly how Satan holds you hostage until you are willing to take advantage of the Atonement and be forgiven.
alt The Grapefruit Syndrome by Lola B. Walters, April 1993 Ensign
alt Windshield Wiper Lesson


alt The Atonement and forgivness of sins (True/False Quiz)

VIDEO CLIPS: Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt The Mediator - A portrayal of the analogy Elder Boyd K. Packer used in his April 1977 general conference address. A young man who fails to pay his debt is saved from the grasp of justice through the mediation of a friend. (10 minute video clip)
alt The Prodigal Son - A story of faith, repentance, and forgiveness as a wayward young man returns home to his family. (37 min.)