Feed My Sheep


 His Sheep Cutouts by Alana Lee


 Know my voice - Sheep know the voice of their shepherd.  How well do we know the voice(s) of our leaders?  Record audio clips from different conference messages and see if the children can guess who is speaking.   
 Take a large plastic tote or box (not too deep) are fill it part way with sawdust (gathered for free from a wood shop).  Put the tote or box on the floor with a tarp underneath.  Copy image of sheep several times on a Word document.  Print out and laminate.  Place sheep into the sawdust and scatter them around.  Share the parable of the lost sheep and then search through the sawdust looking for the lost sheep.  Have a time limit and see how many they can collect in x amount of time. (Idea by Ronda Dennis / ga04042010)


 Sheep, Shepherds and Sheepherders (from the June 1977 New Era)


 Feed My Lambs by Katie Beattie
 Feed My Sheep by Cathy Summersell


 The Good Shepherd


 Finding the Lost Sheep


 Feed My Sheep by Silvia H. Allred
 Ben B. Banks, “Feed My Sheep,” New Era, May 2001, 10
 David B. Haight, “Feed My Sheep,” Ensign, May 1979, 62
 "Feed My Lambs" by Richard P. Lindsay


 Feed My Lambs - This videocassette would go really well with this theme.  It tells the story of two children who try to feed a large flock of newborn lambs that had lost their mothers. It is helpful in teaching youth and adults in leadership positions about the infinite worth of each child of God and the need to assist the Savior in His work. 16 minutes.