Restoration Party


 FHE Lesson on the Restoration by LDS Living


 Restoration Jeopardy by Becky Beals 
 Restoration Matching Game by Regan Ashford


 Jesus Christ restored the gospel through Joseph Smith by Janae Campbell
 Restoration Handout by Erika Miller
 Restoration of the true church by Kimberly Johnson
 The gospel is restored, April 1985 Friend
 The gospel is restored


 Jesus Christ's Church has been restored (Primary Manual 3)


 Restoration Cup Analogy
 Resotration Object Lesson by Brenda Nettleship
 Teaching the Restoration using Gum by Tammy Schick
 Church wasn't as good until Heavenly Father told Joseph Smith how to make it right, whole, complete. Give something that isn't any good until they are told what to do with it-same as prophets. Have children go through the house and find things that aren't good without another object or part. Stove isn't good without pans to cook in or food. Shoe isn't good without shoelace. (Idea by Barbara Culatta and Lee Ann Setzer)
 (Seminary Teacher) To get my class ready for this section today, I brought a piece of wrapped bubble gum for each. (You can use any wrapped bubble gum). I used Hubba Bubba Cherry Lemonade and Extra Classic Bubble flavors. The Extra was for any with braces that couldn't chew the larger kind. I told them if their orthodontist didn't want them to chew gum, then to respect that request. I had no one turn me down. I asked them to open the gum, begin to chew away, and get all the flavor out of it that they could. I told them to try to blow bubbles. I even joined them. We had a great time. I learned I'm not the only "bubble blowing challenged" one in the group. Then after about 5 minutes, I asked them to take their piece and put it back into the wrapper and wrap it back up, exactly as they had been given it. They really tried! Some were very close. Some said that they had changed it with their saliva. They figured out that they couldn't, especially those with the cherry lemonade flavor because the red was in the middle surrounded by yellow. By chewing it, it became orange colored and they couldn't "restore" it back. Which was what I was after. We weren't able to "restore" it, and we discussed why we couldn't. Then we looked at verse 1 and 41 and talked about why the Lord gave us those names and what they mean to us. They thought Redeemer and Savior meant the same thing. Then we went on to hear the Savior's own description of his suffering for us. They told me after that I was the first teacher to let them chew gum on purpose! We had a great lesson and covered being careful about what you ask for, you just might get it as Martin Harris found out. This could be used with any lesson on restoration. (Patricia Brown / ga10102006)


 Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
 The Gospel Restored
 The Spirit of God


 The Lord prepares the way for the Restoration


 Church Timeline by Jodie Howard
 Joseph Smith and the Restoration by Trista Nilsson 
 Joseph Smith - Prophet of the Restoration, July 2001 Friend
 Joseph Smith Restored the Church by Ember Thompson
 Restoration Coloring Sheet and Quiz by Becky Arrowood 
 Restoration Sharing Time, May 2007 Friend
 The church of Jesus Christ is restored by Meagen Trumbull 
The church of Jesus Christ has been restored
 The Lord restored the fullness of the gospel through Joseph Smith by Melanie Day
 The only true church... by Lisa Christiansen
 The Priesthood is Restored, April 1990 Friend
The three witnesses in court by Bonnie Beames
 "This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!", May 2005 Friend


 Parable of the Crystal Sphere by Elder Sean Ailshie


 Fruits of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, Joseph B. Wirthlin, Nov 1991 Ensign 

VIDEOS CLIPS: Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

 Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Video Presentations - Restoration of the Priesthood. President Boyd K. Packer speaks about the need for the restoration of the priesthood. Includes selections from the movie Restoration of the Priesthood. 6:22 min. (Video Clip 2)
Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Video Presentations - The First Vision. President Gordon B. Hinckley speaks about the Prophet Joseph Smith's First Vision. Includes selections from the movie The First Vision. 8:20 min. (Video Clip 1)
Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration - This review of the Prophet Joseph Smith's ministry shows he "has done more, save Jesus only, for the salvation of men in this world", D&C 135:3. (Video Clip 9) 13:08 min.
The Fall - (Video Clip 3) Elder Russell M. Nelson teaches that the Fall is part of the plan of salvation. 6:05 min