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 Candle Dipping - When candle makers dip candles, the first dips are not very noticeable.  But each dip of the candle holds more wax and slowly a candle emerges and takes shape.  So it is with our testimonies/faith.  Our "armor" is strengthened by action, one layer at a time, one piece at a time.  Dip candles together.
 Divide class into two groups.  Pass out paper plates, yarn, scissors, markers, hole punch and a twisty balloon (for the sword).  Ask them  to make the pieces of armor out of the paper plates, label them with what they stand for and dress up one of their members and share some scenarios of when they could use that armor.  (Becky Whitaker)
 If you have an activity with the Armor of God theme, you could print invitations on parchment paper or something off-white.  Use an Old England font, at least for the title or first few words (can be hard to read, so you might not want the whole thing to be in Old England).  Roll them up like scrolls, use a shiny or red seal to tape them shut.  Start out with "Hear ye, hear ye, Lords and Ladies . . ."
 Last year when I taught seminary I brought in rolls of tin foil and assigned different pieces of armor to groups of 2-3 kids. Then let them loose in the kitchen to make their piece. They were very creative, each one of them put on all the armor and we took pictures which I put in paper frames with a quote about the armor of God. The best part was when they were putting it on and one of the youth had to hide behind the one putting it on and hold it on for the picture. One of my insightful youth said, hey - that's how it is...sometimes we have to help each other keep our armor on. That's the beauty of letting the youth teach each other! (Idea by Mary Ahn)
 One night we talked about the Armor of God and instead of just talking about what the armor of god means, we made our own armor of God. (out of tinfoil)   We choose one of the leaders to be our Knight and then one by one described each piece of armor.  After we did this we broke into small groups.  Each group was given an article of armor to make and put on our knight.  We split for 10 minutes or so and everyone made their pieces and attached them to our leader.  Then we called on each group to come up and describe their item and how it can protect us physically and spiritually.  The kids had great answers that I would have never come up with.  They each learned a lot that way. Then afterwards we took pictures (which are pretty funny) and I passed out bookmarks with a picture of a knight with a description of each piece of armor so they could always remember them.  That was one activity our girls still talk about! (Idea by Janelle Heath / ga04262007)
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 I read the scriptures in the bible that tells about the full armor of God and why each is necessary. I then had the kids color a shield, helmet, breastplate, and a sword that I drew at home and made copies of. They then wrote on the back of it what each piece was (breastplate of righteousness, helmet of salvation, etc) and its purpose. We then cut them out and stapled a piece of ribbon to the back of each and tied it to a set of each to a hanger. (I used small flexible colored kids’ hangers) This was really cute when we finished. I made one with them so that we could hang it up in our room. Now they have a reminder on their walls, that with Gods armor they will be ready for anything!! (Source: Applesauce Kids)
 Put on the Whole Armor of God by Margaret Payne


 Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes - sing the Armor of God to Head Shoulders Knees and this:  

Helmet, Breastplate, Girt and Shod, Girt and Shod, Girt and Shod,
Helmet, Breastplate, Girt and Shod, Sword, Shield is the Armor of God.

Also: Salvation, Righteousness, Spirit and Peace.....etc.
Truth, Faith is the Armor of God...

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 The Armor of God, October 1994, New Era


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VIDEO CLIPS:  Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

  The Whole Armor of God - (Video Clip 10)  Through ancient and modern examples and the words of latter-day prophets, this segment teaches the importance of remaining clean and worthy to serve. (Lesson 39.) 13:10 minutes.