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   Lesson 1: I Am a Child of God 

   Lesson 2: Heavenly Father Has a Plan for Me

   Lesson 3: I Can Pray to Heavenly Father

   Lesson 4: Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Love Me

   Lesson 5: Jesus Christ Showed Us How to Love Others

   Lesson 6: The Holy Ghost Helps Me

   Lesson 7: Jesus Christ Created the World for Me

   Lesson 8: Sunday Is a Day to Remember Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ

   Lesson 9: I Have a Body like Heavenly Father’s   

   Lesson 10: I Will Take Care of My Body   

   Lesson 11: I Love My Family

   Lesson 12: I Can Pray with My Family

   Lesson 13: My Family Can Be Together Forever 

   Lesson 14: I Will Obey

   Lesson 15: I Will Be Thankful

   Lesson 16: I Will Say “I’m Sorry”

   Lesson 17: I Will Share

   Lesson 18: I Will Love Others

   Lesson 19: I Can Be Happy

   Lesson 20: I Will Be Reverent

   Lesson 21: Joseph Smith Saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ

   Lesson 22: The Book of Mormon Teaches Me about Jesus Christ

   Lesson 23: I Love the Scriptures

   Lesson 24: I Will Follow the Prophet

   Lesson 25: I Belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

   Lesson 26: I Will Be Baptized and Confirmed

   Lesson 27: The Sacrament Helps Me Think about Jesus Christ

   Lesson 28: Heavenly Father Blesses Me through the Priesthood

   Lesson 29: Jesus Christ Was Resurrected

   Lesson 30: Jesus Christ Is the Son of Heavenly Father