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 A fun review we did last fall that the boys really got into was a football game we called "the Singing Bowl". I made a football field poster and put it up on the chalkboard. I got a little foamies football and attached a magnet to the back. We had a list of "plays" which were the names of songs to review and a list for scoring: Touchdown-everyone was singing, it sounds perfect! 20 yards-most people were singing, it sounds pretty good, 10 yards-some people were singing, it needs a little work, Sack-Have you guys ever sung this before? We had 2 teachers be the refs and listen as we sang.  They would say how we scored, and we'd move the football on the poster (we started on our own 20 yard line.) If they scored just by touchdown, I gave them the extra point (for the kick). But if we got in the endzone just by 10 or 20 yards at a time, we didn't get the extra point. I told them if we got a certain number of points, I'd bring treats the next week. The children really got into it, and when I asked my own kids the other day what was their favorite thing we did in singing time since I was the music leader, football was the unanimous response.  (Idea by Julie)
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 Football Fun by Jill
 We had our program today (they did fabulous!), and I wanted to have a pretty laid back singing time. I came up with a football/name that tune game. I drew a football field on the chalkboard, using just lines. I had a small football which I had printed on some cardstock (I found a football graphic on the internet). I divided the children into two teams and decided which team would go first (I was going to flip a coin, but forgot to bring one). The first team decided how many notes they thought they could get the song in. After hearing the notes, they discussed it among themselves and then came up with an answer (I told them I would take the first one they said, so if one of the children blurted out a song title, I'd count it...this way they would take the time to figure it out and use the others). If they got it right, they would get to move so many yards (I had decided before hand how many yards they would get to move for so many notes....i.e. 4 notes, 7 yards), and they would get to continue towards their goal line. If they got it wrong, the other team had a chance to intercept and would
then have control of the ball. If the second team got it wrong, it was a fumble and whichever team came up with the correct answer first would have control of the ball.  It was lots of fun, very easy to prepare and execute, and low stress.  What more could you want? (Idea by Kristi from Idaho Falls)


 The last dance we were in charge of, we did a sports theme. We pinned up sports jerseys and pom poms that the kids brought (I'm in Texas so athletics are HUGE!!!!) We made a goal post on the wall with paper. For refreshments we served little smokies, bite size candy bars, lemonade, caramel corn, and I can't remember what else. We put everything in small coolers for the "tailgate" look. It was quite the hit and a good change from the norm. (Credit Unknown)