alt Oh, What a Tangled Web...
alt Take a Trip to "Honesty-ville"
alt The Lying Snake


Honesty by Moments to Live By
alt Over the Big Moon 
alt The Lie
alt Honesty Family Home Evening by Natasha Zandbergen
alt Honesty is the best policy
alt Honesty Family Night
alt Honesty from Church Manual
alt Honesty-The Lie Monster (Family Home Evening Lesson/Sharing Time)
alt We were having a little trouble with our children not being honest with us. We addressed it during FHE. We talked about how it was so important to always be honest because if we aren't, it is hard to believe you when you are. We then let the kids play out "The Boy Who Called Wolf" (You-Tube). Everyone got a chance to be the boy and everyone got a chance to be the towns people. They also got the chance to say, "Because you weren't honest with us before, we don't believe you and won't get fooled again." It was pretty powerful for our children. Having them act it out was much better for them than just telling the story would have been. (Idea by Linda Leary / ga04102007)
alt Where there is honesty, other virtues follow


alt Honesty and Trust Game idea for preschoolers, elementary and teenagers.  These games would go along well with a family home evening lesson or sharing time.


alt A web of lies by Kristina Buskirk
alt Honesty Handout by Carolyn Barnes
alt Honesty Handout by Daisie Dance 
alt Honesy Handout by Tori Easton
alt Honest Hearts
 Plastic spiders or bugs with the following attached: "Tell the truth and avoid getting caught in a web of lies."


alt A sermon on lying...
 Am I sinking?
alt Better throw it out...
alt White Like Cake


alt As Good as Our Bond
alt Be Honest (with an honesty train)
alt We Believe In Being Honest by President Gordon B. Hinckley
alt The Lying Snake 


alt Do you want some cake?
alt Little White Lie
alt Staying Firm


alt Quick Quotes
alt One Liners


Building a Banana Split by Sarah Grindstaff 
Honesty is telling the truth regardless by Jill Revelli 
 Be Honest
alt Honest and Truthful at all times
alt Honesty, January 1987 Friend
alt I believe in being honest from Sept. 1993 Friend


alt A sermon on lying....
alt Mystery Ball
alt True...or....False?
 A Penny's Worth of Honesty, February 1994 Ensign
alt An Honest Boy, March 1987 Friend
alt Camel Story
alt Honest Morgan from March 2007 Friend
alt I can trust you, or can I? from October 1979 New Era
alt I will be honest - from the June 2006 Friend
alt I wouldn't cheat - From October 2006 New Era
alt Jacob Hamblin - A Trustworthy Pioneer (for young children)
alt Matt & Mandy (simple story from the Friend)
alt The Boy Who Cried Wolf
alt The Cherry Tree (George Washington)
alt The Emperor's Seed
alt The Empty Pot
alt The Honest People of Ammon
alt The price of Integrity
alt The Symbol of Honesty
alt True....or....False
alt Who you are is as important as what you do


alt As Good as Our Bond by Sheldon F. Child, Ensign, May 1997, 29-30
alt Be Honest by David Bednar October 2005 New Era
alt Ethics and Honesty by David B. Haight, Ensign, Nov. 1987, 13-15
alt Honesty-A Moral Compass by James E. Faust, Ensign, Nov. 1996, 41-44
alt Three Towels and a 25-Cent Newspaper by Bishop Richard C. Edgley
alt We Believe in Being Honest by Gordon B. Hinckley, Ensign, Oct. 1990, 2-5
alt We believe in being honest by Mark E. Peterson


alt Honesty, you better believe it!
alt Pinocchio - This is a great movie to help young children relate to honesty.  Explain that our noses will not grow like Pinocchio's, but each us has been blessed with a conscience.