alt Operation Teamwork by Ivy Bonhorst


alt Team Trolleys by Krista Johansen
alt We had two identical Lego structures with two people in the gym who could see it. Then we had two people they explained it to. Those two explained it to two others. Those two explained it to two others who tried to build it at the other end of the hall with a set of Legos. It was hilarious to see what they came up with. (Idea by Stephanie Thomas / ga04062007)


alt Give a person a piece of bread and knife . Tell them that their job is to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  The rules are that they can use only one slice of bread.  It must be cut in half, not folded over.  Secondly, they can only use one hand.  Lastly, the hand not being used must remain behind their back at all times.  The second part of this object lesson comes by having another person come forward  and repeat the activity also with the same rules, but with two people.  Have them work together to create another sandwich.  Ask everyone which took longer?  Which looked better?  Can we be cooperative and competitive?  How is cooperation important at home? school? church?
alt Prepare two large baby food jars with the ingredients to make butter.  Have one person shake one jar the whole time by themselves, while the rest of the group takes turns shaking the other jar.  The cream should turn to butter quicker in the jar that was passed around.  Teach everyone that when everyone pitches in with the work, the work gets done quicker!!
alt Have your class or family stand at the bottom of a staircase and you are at the top. Challenge any one of them to find a way to get to the top of the stairs without touching the stairs or the rails or the walls. Tell them there is a solution. If no one figures it out, then go to the bottom and have someone piggy back on you and carry them up the stairs. The lesson in this could be several different things. Teamwork, service, doing for others what they can't do for themselves, our missions in life are to help and lift others. The other message is the mission of Jesus, how he is the one to carry us up the stairs, we can't do it ourselves. That's what grace is; what the atonement is. (Credit - Redmond Family)


 Conference of the Carpenter's Tools
alt Helping Others Win
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