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Quarterly Activity on The Creation


The Creation - bookmark by Michelle Heemeyer Caldwell


Creation Craft - I used the Gingerbread man/person recipe and told the story of God making Adam. I found this was great fun and also encouraged the children to talk about their differences.
Creation Dice
- On a standard sheet of construction paper (we used light blue paper) we gave the children cut outs of tree trunks (brown), and green tree tops. The children glued 2-3 "trees" on their pages. Then each child was given a bottle of glue and a small bowl of "Trix" cereal. (Trix cereal is made of many different colors of fun fruit shapes) We encouraged the children to glue lots of "fruit" on their trees. The children were then given green markers to "scribble" grass under the trees. At the top of each page the children glued pre-printed strips of paper that had the following verse "And God said, "Let the earth bring forth grass, ... and the fruit tree yielding fruit...And God saw that it was Good" Genesis 1:11 & 12. (Idea by Vicki)


Creation - Solar System and Outer Space


- Cut out the flannel-board figures, and tell the story of the Creation. Talk about the many things we have to be thankful for.
The Creation (Suitable for Young Children)
Family Home Evening Lesson on the Beauty of God's Creation by Desert Book


Reverence for Heavenly Father's Creations


Brain Teaser (Genesis 1:1)
- Choose an object in the room. Describe it to the children, begin your description with "I spy something that is..." When a child correctly guesses what you're describing, have all the children say, "Thank you Heavenly Father for making ____."
Crossword Puzzle, Friend Jan 2005
- I took a small, soft ball and we all sat in a circle on the floor and passed the ball around the circle. When each child got the ball they had to say one thing that Heavenly Father created. The children came up with some really great things. The 3-year-olds said more things that we had just talked about in our lesson, but the 4-year-olds really soared with this. They said all sort of things and when it came time to color out pictures of things Heavenly Father had made no one wanted to. They wanted to keep playing the game. They did not get out of control either. They all did really well with this. (Idea by Candie)
Word Scramble
The Creation Matching Game


My Creation Book
Our Beautiful World - Part of the Plan


The Creation


Awakening, March 1982 New Era
Simple Pleasures, November 1995 New Era


- Carefully take apart an Oreo cookie. The side without any filling is before Heavenly Father created light.  The filling is the light Heavenly Father created.   
- Display a beautifully wrapped package/gift.  Explain that if we wanted to give it to someone we "could" just put it in a plain box or bag.  We could even hand it to them completely unwrapped.  However, if we really wanted to show someone how much we loved them, we could carefully wrap it with beautiful paper and pretty bows.  This shows how much thought, time and effort went into preparing their gift.  Heavenly Father could have prepared a world without beauty, but just like the gift, he wanted to put in the time and effort to show us he loves us.


The Creation - Elder Nelson explains the creation and its importance (Genesis 1; Moses 2). (5:17)
The Mormon Creation 
God's Greatest Creation - YOU


Creation Flannel Board Prinatble by Pam Odd
Creation - Living Creatures
Print your own story of the Creation
The Creation - Each Day a Gift - 1998 Nov Friend


-  The Creation by Lisa Phipps


Quotes on the Creation from W.O.O.L


Creation Appreciation Game by Shanda Braithwaite
Creation BINGO by Kimberly Penhallegon
Creation Sharing Time by Amy
The Creation by Mykle Whiting
My Father in Heaven Loves Me, Jan 1996 Firend
Reverence for Creation, Sept 1996 Friend
The Creation - Each Day a Gift, Nov 1998 Friend


 Day 1 - Oreo cookies and milk for light and dark. Or chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and vice versa. Day 2 - Marshmallows and water for sky and water. Day 3 - Dirt cups (Chocolate pudding with crushed Oreos mixed in) and water for land and seas. Or fruits and veggies for the plants. Day 4 - Cheese and crackers for the moon and planets. Day 5 - Fish crackers and/or Bird's nest cookies. Day 6 - Animal crackers and/or Gingerbread men cookies. Day 7 - Sundaes for rest.


Our Creator's Cosmos

VIDEOS:  Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos....

Family Home Evening Video Supplement - "Reverence for God and Creation", 3:18 min (Video Clip 3)
Family Home Evening Video Supplement - "The Miracle of Earth's Creation", 1:58 min (Video Clip 4)