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I found an idea for a sharing time that illustrates how covenants are two-way promises we make with our Heavenly Father on Christy's Clipart.    

Explaining Covenants:  Our Primary President had a WONDERFUL sharing time today! On a movable partition, she put three doors, numbering the doors 1 - 3.  Behind the partition, she had a helper and a bag of gag gifts (i.e.: a sock, a spoon, a candle, shampoo, etc.) as well as a desirable prize. (Since it was fast Sunday, we used bookmarks for the Sr. and stickers for the Jr.) The children would come up and choose a door.  Randomly, the helper would come out with one of the gag prizes or the desirable.  After a few rounds (and a lot of laughs!), she told the children that she was going to change the rules, and made a two way promise with them.  If they would choose door number three, they would get the desirable prize EVERY TIME!  She had some more children come up and choose a door.  Sure enough, when they chose door number three, they got the "good" prize!

She then explained that a covenant is a two-way promise we make with our Heavenly Father.  We promise to do something, and He promises different things in return.  And Heavenly Father NEVER breaks His promises!  If something turns out in a way we don't like, it is because we didn't hold up our end of the covenant.  Just like the doors!