by Brandi Ann Sorensen / ga03262009

For our personal progress activity this month, we are working on choice and accountability 7. I don't like to do the whole thing, but teach them about the principal they will be doing. So I am playing a modified game of "life" as well as talking about budgets. I am combining ideas from Sami Melinkovich's budget activity, as well as a game

At the beginning I am going to tell the girl's to pretend that they are now 18 and have to move out on their own. and give them their monthly salary with Monopoly money. (I haven't decided how much yet)  Then we are going to have stations where the options (housing, clothing, etc.) are set out. The options will be face up with the cost on the back. When they choose what they want, then they have to pay the leader at that table and they get the card. I am going to encourage them to choose what they really would, like if they can't sew, they wouldn't choose that option. They can choose which ever fits the lifestyle they want. They can go in whatever order they want - like if clothes are very important to them they can go there first. (I am hoping some people will spend a lot of their money on un-important things so they have less of a choice when it comes to housing, or other options - so i can teach them about priorities.) They will be required to choose one from each of the following: housing, food, furniture, transportation, clothing, laundry, and personal care. Communication and misc. options are optional. and they can choose as many as they want. The savings option will be blank on the back and they can choose the amount they want. The leader will write that amount on the back when they give them the money.

After they are all done with this, we are going to play the game. They won't know we are going to do this, we will have it on the primary portable board so we can turn it around and surprise them! (I don't want them to know un-expected expenses are coming. Rude, I know!) I am gonna have a Game board drawn on the chalk board with the events as some of the spaces- there will be multiple of each. Some of them have choices, and I will have those in an envelope ready for when someone lands on them. We will have to be in teams so each girl on that team will have to make their own decision. The game peices will be magnets.

Then there will be a little lesson on budgets, using the "Money Matters" New Era article.  Then we will have fortune cookies, and a budget form for each girl so they can finish their goal.  I have included the invitations (see below) - I printed them back to back so it was on the back of the monopoly money. We are now inviting our mom's to the Personal Progress activities).  The other attatchments are the option cards and game board peices on the same document, and signs for the options stations.

Activity Invitation (Print Page 1
and print page 2 on the back)
 Housing Options
 Other Signs