Have the guests decorate some onesies for the baby with fabric paint.
 I took a box of birthday cards and numbered them 1 to 21 to the baby showers for my first child.  My guests were asked to pull a card out of the box and, based on the number they drew, write a birthday greeting and words of wisdom for that age.  We ended up with at least three cards for each of her first 21 years. (Gina Eggebrecht)


 Fun and simple ideas for a baby shower
 Oh Baby! - LOTS of fun ideas from activities and more from Tip Junkie


 Coolest Diaper Cake
 Diaper Cake Tutorial


 It's a boy (mini candy bar wrapper)
 It's a girl (mini candy bar wrapper)
 Printable candy bar wrappers
 We're having a baby boy (large wrapper)
 We're having a baby girl (large wrapper)


 Baby Shower Decoration Ideas by Kelly Hansen
 I had a fireplace and hung up twine from one end to the other and hung baby clothes on the line with clothespins.


 A cute party flavor for baby shower is take a napkin or paper towel (Scot's Work best) fold in half to make the shape of a diaper with tiny pin in front. Dip into melted wax and shape it to form. Use it to put mints or peanuts in for the tables. Add a piece of liner in each one so that mints and peanuts won't fall through the holes. It is a cute decoration and you can get towels in pink and blue. (Idea from
 Cute as a button from Bakerella
 How to make a diaper candy holder favor


 Baby Food Game - Buy 10 – 15 different flavors of baby food and remember, the more flavors the less chance you’ll have a tie game. Make a master list with numbers and record the flavors you have and then with a permanent marker write on the lid of each jar the corresponding number. Remove all the labels to the baby food jars. Hand out a pencil and paper to each player and have the players write down the numbers of jars they’ll have to see. Pass the baby food jars and they are to record what they think is in the jar but quietly without clueing their neighbor (no sampling allowed). If working with a large group, start several jars in differently locations with the playing group and have them all pass the jars in the same direction. The player that guesses the most correct jars of baby food is the winner. When the game is over, give all the baby food jars to an expectant mother along with the master list of what’s in the jars.
 Baby Scramble
 Candy Concentration
 Candy Match Up by Kelly Hansen
 Delivery - Once all the guests have arrived, give each person an ice cube with a small plastic baby inside. The goal is to deliver your baby (by melting it out of the ice) first. The person to do it in the shortest amount of time wins. Anything goes!
 Guess the Chocolate in the Diaper Game - Pass around disposable diapers that have had candy bars melted in the microwave.  Have guests determine what each "poop" is.  Label the diapers and hand the guests a sheet of paper to write down the numbers and which candy bar is in it.  It is really funny to see people smell, and sometimes even taste the candy bars.
 Help Name the Baby - Take the first and last name of mom and dad to be and put it down the side of a piece of paper. Have the guest write down names that begin with each letter. Then have the guest read out loud the name they choose. If anyone else has that name written down the name is crossed off.  The winner is the person with the most names left. 
 Nursery Rhyme Rhetoric
 Pass the Pacifier - Divide players into two teams and line them up. Give all the players a pencil or chopstick to put in their mouths. Give the first players in line a pacifier, by slipping it onto the pencil. On the word "Go!" teams must race to pass the pacifier from person to person. The team that passes it to the last player first, wins!
 Rubber Ducky, You're the One by Jennifer Jones
 Story Land
 Tag Along Blanket Tutorial
 The Price is Right - Have various baby items on display. Provide a list of prices (possibly list more prices than items displayed). Guests must match the prices to the items.
 What's Missing? - Place an assortment of baby items on a tray. Give the guests 30 seconds to look at the tray. No cover the tray and ask each person to recall what they can remember. The person who writes down the most things (that were actually on the tray) is the winner. Items: baby pin, rattle, bottle, binky, q-tip, cotton ball, ointment, teething ring, baby powder, shampoo, diaper, burp rag, blanket, hair bow, socks, cap, nasal syringe, thermometer, night light, toe nail clippers, brush and comb, bottle brush.
 What's That Smell? - Get six disposable diapers or how ever many diapers you would like to use.  Each diaper should contain different smells which can be various things.  In diaper 1 = orange juice, diaper 2 = hot sauce diaper, 3 = mustard diaper, 4 = Vick's vapor rub, diaper 5 = cinnamon, diaper 6 = relish. Give each guest a pen and paper to put responses on. Have each guest smell each diaper and guess what each is whoever gets the most answers correct wins.


 Baby Blanket Pattern  by Ranee
 Baby Sock Rose Bouquet
 Birthday Box - You could give the expectant mother a birthday box and some of the necessities to get started; i.e., fancy paper, plaster paris kit to make mold of childs hands/feet, etc.
 Burp Cloth Template (Homemade by Jill) - ADORABLE!!
 Burp Cloth Tutorial - so cute!
 For one of my friends, I bought I plastic medium sized dump truck (his first boy toy) and filled it with baby lotion, baby wash, balmex, q-tips and a few things of lotion from Bath & Body for mommy. Tied it all down with a big ribbon and whala..  (Credit Unknown)
 I am a child of God Gift
 Make your own onsies
 Peepee Teepee's - Boy gift idea
 When you have a new baby in the house, it is soooo hard to think about anything else, including feeding yourself and the rest of your family. One great preparation for the arrival of a new baby is a well-stocked freezer with plenty of meals prepared in advance!
 You could make these darling burp here.


 An idea for baby shower invitation - put your invitation around a baby food jar.


 Advice Book - Pass around a book and ask the guests to add a bit of wisdom to help the new parents. You can also write the baby shower gifts in this keepsake book as well.
 Birthday Candle Wishes - Ask each guest to write out a wish for the baby. After the party, write out the wishes onto small pieces of paper and wrap each one around a candle. Place the candles in a pretty bag and present it to the mom-to-be. The meaning behind this activity is that one candle be used on the child's birthday cake each year. So, if you have twenty guests to the party, the baby can have one wish each year on his/her birthday cake up to the age of twenty!
 Daddy's Diapering Kit
 For a favor to give to the guests, I thought this was cute. Give them a bath-related item, like glycerin soap, a shower puff, or some shower gel. Put it in a little cellophane bag, and tie with a ribbon. On the tag, put "We've showered (Lisa) in pink and blue, now this "shower" gift is just for you!" You could put them in a little basket and invite the guests to take one as they leave. (Credit Unknown)
 How to make a cake out of diapers
 I bought the mommy a corsage for the wrist and grandma got a shoulder corsage. They were seated in a prominent area of the room so they could speak with everyone.
 I just went to a baby shower where the party favor was a baby bottle filled with a dry cookie mix all layered (like the cookie in the jar recipes). The out side and the rest of the recipe instructions on it.  For the refreshments there was a chocolate fountain with different fruits and items to dip.   Fresh fruit is always great and/or cheese and crackers. (Melissa Coon)
 Memory Blanket - Hand everyone at the shower a piece of paper and have an out line of a 8x8 square in the middle of the page. Have everyone draw a nice picture of something having to do with baby's first year (pictures only- no letters, numbers or words) collect the drawings as everyone finishes or leaves and the host can iron the drawings on different colored fabric or old used baby blanket and have them sewn together like a baby quilt. Present this gift to mommy-to-be as baby arrives or at baby's first birthday.
 Morning Sickness Kit


 Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas from Pintrest


 A Service Shower by Diana Chambers
 All Day Baby Shower by Mary Graves
 Babies First.... by Kelly Hansen
 Lucky Duck Baby Shower
 Noah's Ark Two-by-Two Baby Shower (perfect for twins!)


 Diaper Card Pattern


 5 baby shower games
 14 door prize/raffle games
 Baby Shower Games and Ideas