by Jocelyn Christensen / ga04052009

Jocelyn writes, "We had a lovely weekend watching General Conference in our home.  With such young children, we have to think up good ways to keep them interested and reverent for such long periods of time, so that we can all enjoy the words of our church leaders.
On Saturday, we had fun identifying President Monson and each apostle as they spoke in conference.  When a new speaker took the stand, we checked our conference packet print-out and put a sticker by each apostle as we identified them.  This was a good activity for our three and nearly two-year-old.
Today, I realized that my little boy needed an "I Spy The Prophet" Spyglass to take his conference adventure to the next level.  Using an empty paper towel roll for our "spyglass", we cut pictures of Christ and various prophets and apostles from old  issues of the Ensign magazine and taped them all the way around our spyglass.   Then I decoupaged the clippings to make them adhere to the spyglass which also made it much more durable.
The result was a really fun toy that my little Guy used to spot the Prophet and Apostles during General Conference today.  I wanted to take a sharper close-up picture of the spyglass, but I think it's nestled next to my little explorer upstairs in bed."