Baptism Song Chart by Kalani Mortensen

 Baptism Flipchart by Many Farris

 Make wordstrips for the following words: Who, When, Why, How, Where. To begin teaching the song, display GAK 208 (John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus) on the board. Next to the picture put the Who wordstrip. Ask the children to listen for who Jesus came to, and then sing the first phrase. Get their responses and have them sing the first phrase. Put the When wordstrip by the picture. Ask the children to listen for when Jesus came to John the Baptist, and then sing the second phrase. Get responses and have the children sing the phrase. Put the Why wordstrip next to the picture and ask the children to listen for why Jesus came to John the Baptist. Sing "and was baptized." Get responses and have the children sing the phrase. Put the How wordstrip by the picture. Ask the children to listen for how Jesus was baptized. Sing "by immersion." Get responses and have the children sing the phrase. Put the Where wordstrip by the picture and ask the children to listen for where Jesus was baptized. Sing "in the River Jordan's flow." Get responses and have the children sing the phrase. Sing the whole first verse. Follow the same pattern with the second and third verses. (Idea taken from the May 2009 Primary Sharing Time)

OCD Primary Chorister - Practice with Ribbon Wands

 Baptism / When I am Baptized Medley

 Baptism Song Flipchart by Carrie Dziabczenko

Presentation Idea for the song, "Baptism"

 Baptism Flipchart by Amy Gooch

 Baptism Flipchart by Shalene Swenson

 To introduce this song in May, I plan to have a picture posted of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus.  I will enter the room with a pencil and notebook sporting a trench coat and/or sticker that says CTR TV...............I will ask the children questions..........who what where when why about what just happened there..........I will take notes on their answers..............then say "roll em"  and give the story into a microphone  like a news story on TV based on their responses.  Then, we will sing the song.  (Idea by Christine Hurst / ga04292009)

 Baptism Song Chart by Susan Johnson

 Baptism Power Point Presentation by Bev Gams

(Idea shared by Aubrey Wilson) - Here are a few ideas for the third week to review this song. It's just the colored water activity, but it would be fun since we're talking about rainbows.

Color Water Idea #1

Get a clear jar and fill it with water. Tell the kids that if they sing well, you'll pick a kid to come up and add a few drops of color to the water. Sing again to add a few more drops. For another verse, change the color by adding a different color. Finally, at the very end, sing the whole song to make the water magically turn clear again. Once the whole song is sung, add some bleach so that the water turns clear. Use a new jar of water for the next song you're working on.

You could talk about how this is like baptism. We start out clean and pure as babies and then we grow and commit sins, so we aren't clean anymore. However, when we are baptized and receive the Holy Ghost, we can be made clean again.

Colored Water Idea #2 – With Vinegar

First off, write the lyrics on a whiteboard. Write each word in different colors. Take 4 clear cups and in each one pour 1 TB of vinegar and 1/3 cup of water. Put them on a cookie sheet as the mixture is likely to spill over a bit. Now prepare 4 spoons with one drop of food coloring on each, using the 4 colors you used on the board. I have found the color actually shows up better by using less food color because it won't be as dark. You may need to make an exception and use 2 drops if you need to blend 2 colors to make a different color. (In my case, I used 1 drop of red and 1 drop of blue in order to make purple). Once you have finished, pour baking soda on the spoons, covering the food coloring. Place them on the cookie sheet along with the cups.

Now, here are the instructions for singing time! You may want to sing the song once or twice through so the children can get a feel for the song. Point out to the children that they can see all the words to the song, BUT soon, just like a rainbow, some of the words will vanish. To choose a child volunteer, ask a leader to think of a color. Then call on the children to guess what color the teacher is thinking. The child with the correct answer will be your first helper.
Tell your helper that after they choose one of the spoons to mix into a cup, some of the words to their song will disappear. When the 2 things mix, a fizzy reaction will occur and then the water will change color. As soon as this happens, erase the words on the board that are that color.

See if they can sing the verse even with the missing words. You may want to repeat until they can do it fairly well. Next, call on another teacher to think of any color and the process repeats until the whole song has vanished. Suddenly, they will know the song, just like magic!