alt Becoming Self-Reliant --- Spiritually and Physically by M. Russell Ballard
alt The Celestial Nature of Self-Reliance by Marion G. Romney


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Self-Reliance Matching Game by Diane Stumpf


alt Becoming Self-Reliant by Chauna Flores
alt Marci Coombs
alt My visiting teachers gave me great vanilla hand lotion, so my hands can stay soft while I work them by being creative! (Shared by Mari Jessup / ga01222010)
alt Self-Reliant Goals Sheet by
alt Self Reliance Handout by Kassie Moen
alt Self Reliance Handouts by Nancy Yang
alt Trabajemos por aquello que necesitamos (Spanish) by Gabi Sanchez Esquinca
A little of This-n-That
Coming Out (bookmarks) by Tiersa Ludlow
Growing in Self-Reliance by Mari Panis
Handout from Emma's Place
Lesson Helps and Handout for Self-Reliance Lesson by Erika Miller
Parable of the Unwise Bee (handout) by Betsy Lonergan - She writes, "I created this lesson handout for the Parable of the Unwise Bee. Found in lesson 12, manual 1. I used Steadfast and Immovable's design elements and papers from her Buzy Bee collection."
Seeking Solutions by Tiersa Ludlow
Self-Reliance Handout by Kassie Moen
alt Bee Story by Melissa Sauser
alt Becoming Self-Reliant by Erika Miller
alt Get fortune cookies (you can even chocolate dip them and roll in sprinkles) and put in a take-out box (or put 2 in a plastic baggie) and attach with ribbon the following saying: “Fortunate is the Young Woman who realizes self-reliance has less to do with reliance on self and more to do with reliance on God.”  (Idea by Angela Williams)
alt Handout from Emma's Place
alt Parable of the Unwise Bee (handout) by Betsy Lonergan - She writes, "I created this lesson handout for the Parable of the Unwise Bee. I used Steadfast and Immovable's design elements and papers from her Buzy Bee collection."
alt The Parable of the Unwise Bee by Heather Flater
alt The parable of the unwise bee by Tiersa Ludlow


alt Growing and Maturing in Self-Reliance
alt Self-reliance versus Rescuing (2007 BYU Women's Conference) - What does it mean to be self-reliant? So often in this busy world its hard to find time to take action on the things we need to do to prepare ourselves to be self-reliant. We've all seen the guidelines, we've had the lessons, but we haven't all taken the action. The purpose of this presentation is to help us take that next step, the step that will help us all be self-reliant so that our family, friends and neighbors will not have to be rescued!
alt The Celestial Nature of Self-Reliance
Angela's Lesson Helps
For lesson 11 handout I had the jumbo plastic eggs and had printed in different colors on address labels and cut apart word strips (that go along with the questionnaire from the manual) and placed them on the egg. (growing testimony, new temptations, time management, changing relationships with friends, money management, challenges at school, initiative, responsibilities, dating, career choices) Inside the egg I placed a chenille chick (from Michaels with extra yellow fluffy feather from JoAnn's hot glued to it) and put it in a small basket with the Coming Out poem (as suggested in the manual) attached to the handle printed on yellow paper (4 to a page). They were very cute. (Idea by Shelley Clines)
Handcuffs and Self-Reliance by Mindy
I asked each mother for a baby picture of her girl to put on a table display. I let the girls guess who was who, and then I talked about how dependent they were as babies and how much they've grown and learned since then. (Idea by Ann Heiner)
New Learning Experiences by K. Johnson
Self reliance versus rescuing
Share the story of the Brother of Jared, who was required by God to put forth effort and self-reliance in figuring out just how to provide light in the barges he had made.
We combined lessons 11 and 12 into one. One idea that would have been really fun that I didn't think about until the morning of, would be: Get a picture of each of the girls when they were a baby from their parents and hang them up in the room. Number them and have the girls write the numbers on their papers and guess who is who. After everyone shares who they really are, discuss how the girls have changed since then. What can they do for themselves now? How would it feel to go back to being that dependent? Use the questions from the other introduction activities in the lesson. (by Elsje / ga04072009)
We did this lesson last week and our 1st counselor taught it to all the girls and she did a fantastic job.  She brought in baby chicks in a little cage and they were only 7 days old and SO CUTE!  And she talked about how they are dependent on a parent to feed and take care of them right now because they are so little, like a child.  She then talked about what a 2 year old can/cannot do vs a 5 year old.  What can a 5 yr old do that a 2 yr old can't do?  Then a 16 year old and then a 22 year old.  What can a 22 year old do that a 16 year old can't do, etc.  She then put up a sign on the board that showed DEPENDENCE and a definition and talked about it and then on the other side of the board had a sign that said SELF-RELIANCE which showed the definition and then had a poster arrow in between pointing from Dependence to Self-Reliance.  She taught how it's a normal human process and it's okay to be dependent on things and take baby steps but ultimately our goal is to reach Self-reliance.  She had plastic eggs and in them were wrapped quotes of examples of Dependence like "I don't like to read the BOM on my own; I wait until we read as a family".  And then in another egg she had the opposite and the girl with the opposite had to figure out she was the opposite and read it out loud. So the self-reliance would be "I want to be closer to my Heavenly Father, so I pick up the BOM every night and learn of him" (or something to that affect).  She had several examples.  Another thing she did, which I loved, was tell the story of The Brother of Jared.  She told the story in more specifics, but the parts I loved best was that the Bro of Jared needed to figure out light and air in the barges, and with air, the Lord "told" him what to do, which showed dependence, and with light, the Bro of Jared was taught to be self-reliant and the Lord had him figure it out.  She shared personal stories of her learning to be self-reliant, and it was really good. (Shared by Heather on LDS Young Women)


Self Reliance Object Lesson by Mindy


alt Self-Reliance ~ Project Noah (Enrichment Activity Idea)
alt Understanding Self Reliance


Self-Reliance Quiz


Catching the vision of Self-Reliance
Boyd K. Packer, “Spiritual Crocodiles,” Liahona, Oct. 2002, 8; New Era, Oct. 2001, 8. Consider using the article in place of the poem and to discuss how to confront spiritual dangers.
Self Reliance - September 2013 Visiting Teaching Message
Mary Ellen W. Smoot, “Seeking Solutions,” Ensign, Feb. 2002, 42. After the quiz, review the four solutions to solving problems, using the examples from the article where needed.
alt Becoming Self-Reliant both spiritually and physically by M. Russell Ballard, March 2009 Ensign
alt James E. Faust, “Who Do You Think You Are?—A Message to Youth,” Liahona, June 2001, 2; “Who Do You Think You Are?” Ensign, Mar. 2001, 2; New Era, Mar. 2001, 4. Substitute the dramatizations with the examples from the article.
alt Russell M. Nelson, “Identity, Priority, and Blessings,” Ensign, Aug. 2001, 6. After Elder McConkie’s quote, discuss “Connecting Identity, Priority, and Blessings” from the article.
alt The Celestial Nature of Self-Reliance by Marion G. Romney

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