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alt GAME by Melanie Day (Word) (pdf) - Print out one set of game cards per child in the class.  Place them on the floor face down.  Let each child turn a card over.  Once the child picks up a card and already has one, they ask the class, "I don't need "clothes", does anyone else?"  They then give the card to someone else.  Continue until all cards are distributed.  Explain that although some got multiple cards of the same thing, they chose to share and everyone benefited, which is the purpose of the law of consecration.
alt Have ready a small baggie of candies  or stickers for each child in the class. The contents must be exact. Then play some game in which the bags move around from person to person.  When the bag stops then have the child hand it to the person next to them. You can make up your own ideas of how to move the bags. I used Hershey Kisses for the candy and had them say the Articles of Faith as they passed the bags of candy around.  You could also have them sing a Primary song and then when you say "stop" then have them return the bags to the Leader/Bishop (you).  Then I told them that I was the Bishop and that they had to give me all that they had according to the law and I would distribute them according to each family's needs. When you get the candy you give it back to the child according to their need. One child has six siblings and one child has one. Therefore the amount is different but sufficient for their needs. It is a good time to expound on this principal.  I had them use their own families (mom, dad, brothers, sisters) to determine how many candy each child got.  {You could invite your bishop or a member of your bishopric in for this part of the lesson.]  (Idea by Heather)


alt Give each child a small plate of goodies, wrapped.  Tell them that they are not to eat this treat themselves.  Explain that you "consecrated" your time and talents in making this treat and you want them to think of someone who could really use the pick-me-up....a widow/shut-in, a neighbor, a non-member, extended family member, etc.  Challenge them to really think about who to give their plate to.  Follow up with the class next week and ask them how it made them feel.  When we serve and think of others, we are blessed.
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