by Jenni Smith of Northern California / ga05112009

So I am the Enrichment leader in my ward at church now...that means I get to plan fun (hopefully fun) events. This month I decided to focus on an evening all about using our money and resources wisely and found the cutest idea for a theme. Remember the old children's rhyme--"This Little Piggy"'s all about that!

The night will include 4 mini classes all surrounding the rhyme:

This little piggy went to the market (class all about bargain shopping)

This little piggy stayed home (class all about designing on a dime in your home)

This little piggy had roast beef (class all about quick cooking ideas)

This little piggy had none (class all about preparedness and having food storage so you have something--not nothing!)

And this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home (we're having "French desserts"--get it, "wee wee"...although I don't think anyone will get the connection there...all well)

The invitations are always my favorite part of planning Enrichment each time. I'm all about creating something that is cute and fun and makes you want to come and check out what the evening is all about. I had been eyeing the website Bakerella for a while now with all her cute cake pops and thought it would be so fun to come up with "Piggy Pops" for invitations. I even e-mailed "Bakerella" herself and asked her if she had any ideas on how to create a piggy. She actually e-mailed me back and I used part of her suggestion (an M&M for the snout)...they turned out so super cute (I thought so at least)! I was pretty excited.

Here are my piggies:

And the final invitation:

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