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alt I lost my phone number, can I have yours? by John Hilton III


alt Morality and momentary pleasure by Joelle Carlile
alt From your neck to your knees
alt Morality Handout
alt "Pre-Pear" to be an Eternal Companion
alt Regrettio's : No virtue added! - Label to put around a can of spaghettios.
alt Why Settle for a Chip when you can have the whole Cookie?


alt Shelter from the Storm, January 2001 New Era


alt Morality - Brown Egg Yolk
alt Chastity, Repentance and the Penny
alt Destiny Dice- Using a single dice, sit in a big circle. We went around the circle each asking a yes or no question to the Destiny Dice. Then the person asking the question would roll the dice. If it was an odd number, the answer was no. If it was an even number, the answer was yes. We had some surprising and interesting questions...ranging from "Will I ever visit the country of Canada?" to "Should I have pre-marital sex". The answer to that one from Destiny Dice was yes! Anyway...after each person had a chance to play, I told them that life doesn't have to be a "roll of the dice". We have prophets, the scriptures, personal revelation, priesthood leader, parents, etc to lead and guide us. And especially if Destiny Dice (or the world) tells us something like pre-marital sex is okay, we can know through the things listed above the way the Lord truly wants us to go. I am sure you get my drift. It was an enjoyable and yet effective teaching tool. (Terisa in Wyoming)
alt Magnets and Morality
alt Resisting Sin


alt One Liners
alt Quick Quotes


alt A Fence or an Ambulance?
alt A Lesson Learned
alt A short story told by Gordon B. Hinckley of a young man who faced ridicule because of his morals.
alt But God said No!
alt "That is good driving" by President Spencer W. Kimball
alt The Banana and Monkey Story by President Kimball
alt The Little Boy & The Rattlesnake
alt The Spider and the Fly
alt Tragedy in Rayad - by Ardeth G. Kapp


alt The Power of Righteousness, November 1998 Ensign- The BEST talk ever!

VIDEO CLIPS:  Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt Morality for Youth - States the Lord's standard for morality and provides parents, leaders, and teachers with a starting place for discussions with youth to help them stay morally clean. 22 minutes. (Clip 3)