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 I just had my daughter's 7 birthday party too. We played the most fun game. If your daughter has an assortment of dress up clothing or just anything in the house would do. Maybe your husbands big shirt, a scarf of yours, a funny pair of socks.. anyways each of the girls go in the other room and go through the clothes and put on the funniest outfit they can make up. (I went in and helped them but let them lead you in how they want to look.) Play music as they come out and model their new look. Have 2 or 3 of the girls judge with score cards 1-3, 3 being the best on how they rate. The girl with the best score wins or everyone wins for effort. Don't forget to take pictures! This was an absolutely hilarious game. The girls had an absolute blast playing this game. It lasted for a little while too.  They wanted to play again and again so watch out! (Idea by Ashlie)
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