alt A Defense and a Refuge submitted by Kari Mitchell - through the trials of life we can live the gospel as best as we can and shine forth as a standard, a defense, a refuge against whatever is to be poured out upon the earth.


alt Preparing for change by Carolyn Barnes


alt James on Adversity - love this.
alt Monkey on my back lesson by Deb


alt Armor of God - This object lesson could be used to show how when trials come, and they will, the armor of God can keep us afloat.

alt Compare life to a kite. The following parallels may help in your discussion:
Kite - Each one of us is like a kite.
Wind - Trials, like the wind, push against us each day. The resistance they provide, like the wind, keeps us, like the kite, up and going.
String - We have the gospel which, like the string of a kite, directs, controls, and anchors our lives.
alt How we can receive comfort - Invite an adult to portray one of the people of Alma from Mosiah 24:8-15. Have him or her bring a backpack or other carrier and retell the story. Give the children a piece of paper and a pencil, and ask them to write a trial or challenge that children face today, such as immodest clothing, inappropriate media, and so on. They might write something like "Sometimes school seems hard," "I get sick," or "Sometimes I am sad." (Younger children can draw pictures of the trials.) As the children share the trial, have them wrap the paper around a small rock and place it in the backpack. Pass the backpack to some of the children. Discuss ways Heavenly Father helps them with their trials. With each suggestion, remove several rocks. Pass the backpack again. Sing "Jesus Is Our Loving Friend" (p. 58). Explain that Jesus will always help us and comfort us when we face challenges. Testify of the comfort you have received. (Idea taken from the September 2006 Friend Magazine)


alt Good things to come
alt Hope Ya Know, We Had a Hard Time
alt Mountains to Climb
alt My New Life
alt Never ever give up in life - very inspirational!
alt The missing piece
alt Trial of Adversity
alt You're never alone
alt Your Happily Ever After


alt We Need Never Feel Alone


alt God Gave To Me
alt Good Timber
alt It's all in how you look at it (author unknown)
alt The Winds of Fate by Ella Wheeler Wilcox


alt One Liners
alt Quick Quotes


alt The scriptures teach me how the people of Alma received comfort in their trials. I can also receive comfort.


alt Two Wolves, a Cherokee Legend
alt Deep Scars
alt He will sit as a refiner and purifier - Malachi 3:3
alt Helping Others Win
alt He's a Thoroughbred
alt I am
alt Is your hut burning??
alt Lessons from trees
alt Man and Cocoon
alt Problems others had but kept going anyway
alt Put the glass down
alt Rich man's party
alt The Blacksmith by Lynell Waterman
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alt The King's Boulder
alt The Kite
alt The Parable of the Mule
alt The Pear Tree
alt Jenny"s Pearls
alt The Trouble Tree


alt Bad Luck? by David K Swenson
alt Believing Christ, by Stephen E Robinson, April 1992 Ensign
alt Your sorrow shall be turned to joy by Robert D. Hales
alt But if not... by Dennis E Simmons, Ensign May 2004