alt Princess Face Painting
alt As the guests arrive, announce them as if royal guests i.e.: "We present Her Royal Highness, Princess Alexandra"


alt Cinderella Castle Cake - how to make (You Tube)
alt Coolest Castle Cakes


alt Cinderella Coloring Pages
alt Online Coloring Pages

alt Make Star Wands - Cut star shapes from thin wood or poster board. Glue to a length of dowel and spray-paint gold. The girls can decorate their own wand with glitter-glue, stickers and foil confetti.
alt Jewelry Making - Purchase "pony beads" and chenille sticks (pipe cleaners). The girls will string the beads on the chenille sticks to make bracelets. This activity is great for younger girls. For older girls use satin ribbon and beads.


alt Build a 4-room cardboard castle. The towers can have different princess-related ideas - a clock, bells, Rapunzel's hair, etc. You could have a drawbridge with construction paper chains.  Paint people, dragon,  fairies (Sleeping Beauty) etc. on the walls of your castle.  Color decor:  Pink, silver, and dark purple. Hang silhouettes of knights armored head and crowns on the windows. Fill swans and glass slippers with M & M's.   Have pink and purple streamers and balloons.
alt You could also make (non-drinkable) magic birthday potion/poison (do you want to be the evil stepmother? Or ask a friend to do this?) by taking fairy dust (baking powder), dragon tears (vinegar) and ‘moat’ water – when mixed this foams and bubbles up!!


alt Serve all your food on silver platters found at the dollar store.  Make star shaped Peanut Butter & Jelly, egg salad, & bologna/cheese sandwiches, star shaped cookies with pink, yellow and white frosting, star shaped yellow Jell-O jigglers (make a big cookie sheet of Jell-O jiggler and cut out once set).  Glue small images (from coloring pages or clipart) onto toothpicks.  Let dry.  Stick in the top of cupcakes for an instant theme party treat!  hollow out a pumpkin and fill with dip for veggies.  kisses for the princess (Hershey’s kisses).


alt Princess Pea Guessing Game - We have a jar decorated with lace and ribbons (hot-glued on) filled with dried peas. (You know the story of the pea under the mattress to seek out the true princess). The girls will each guess how many peas they think are in the jar, and the winner gets a small prize.
alt Pin the Tail on the Unicorn - Draw or find a Unicorn poster and play pin the tail. 
alt Pass the poison apple (Snow White) - like hot potato.
alt Play musical magic carpets with Jasmine.
alt Cinderella's Lost Slipper: Have each child take off one shoe and place it in the middle of the room. Then while they close their eyes and count to twenty, get 2 adults to pose as the evil sisters to hide all the shoes. The children must then search for their shoes. 


alt Free Printable Birthday Cards For A Princess Theme Party     alt
alt Use light blue card stock paper cut in the shape of a wand, carriage or tiara.  Or, you could roll your paper into a scroll and tie with a thin satin ribbon. "The King wishes your  presence at  the Royal Birthday Celebration of  ______ !"  A sprinkle of glitter in the card or envelope adds flare.  Attach a princess sticker with the guests name to the envelope or outside of the scroll.  You could also invite each guest to dress in princess attire on the invitation.


alt I made a fun party favor.  I made rice krispie treats and used pink food coloring to make them pink.  Then I used a star cookie cutter and cut them out.  I inserted an extra long sucker stick (found at my local craft store) and let them cool.  Then I dipped the front of the stars in white chocolate and put pink sprinkles on top.  Once they were completely set, I put a Ziploc baggie over each one and tied it shut with curly ribbon.  They turned out very cute!
alt Tiaras from a party store, candy and penny jewelry, fairy dust made from sparkles in little corked jars with ribbon, or paper dolls.  Or you could fill a pink paper bag or plastic dress-up shoe with favors fit for royalty; glitter balls, stickers, Disney Princess fruit snacks, nail polish Plastic Jewelry, miniature book of Cinderella, "Stick-on earrings", etc.
alt Candy Kiss Castles -  Use baby food jars and fill them with kisses, wrap construction paper around them and draw a door on, paint the lid silver and glue 3 kisses on top.


alt Pink Princess Crown Hat for the Birthday Girl


alt  Other Princess Party Ideas