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 Mothers of Value by Uini Ngata
 Spiritual Crocodiles by Patti Hosford

 We did a fireside on communication that was done by a husband and wife who both have degrees in psychology (I think I have that right). They talked about the differences in how men and women communicate and how it affects relationships. Their son (about 16) and another boy and girl put together a little presentation, I guess you'd call it a slide show. They read this script they wrote that depicted what each one was thinking like the girl thinking how much she likes this guy. She gets brave and says something to him but he was thinking about something else and didn't hear her so instead of asking what she said he just makes what he thinks is a neutral comment and then she thinks she maybe should not have said anything to him. It goes back and forth with their thoughts and actual conversation which don't match at all. I'm probably not explaining it very well but it was the whole "he said, she said" idea. The kids thought it was a hoot and I think they got the message. The question is will they put it into practice.  (Idea shared by Darlene Allred (Scovill family) / ga04212007)
 Bishop's Answer by Eric Poulin
 We did a presentation on how to write and present talks. All of the youth in our ward have to give talks during Sacrament Meeting throughout the year. In the beginning the talks weren't well put together or weren't given well. The YM had two speakers, the YW had two presenters. each talked about something different. It went really well and our youth were better prepared when asked to speak. (Credit Unknown)
 We had 6 youth graduating this year so we had a panel discussion. A week before the fireside, we had the youth write questions they wanted to ask the graduating seniors. The bishop went through the questions before the fireside and picked out the most asked questions. This worked really well for us because our seniors are really on the ball and didn't hesitate to express their feelings/opinions (at least the young women). Then at the end the bishop gave each senior a chance to either bear their testimony or leave an uplifting message for the rest of the youth. (Shared by Melissa Cass)
 Truth Restored 
 The recipe for successful dating by Elise Lake

 Whenever we have a missionary return, the Bishop asks them to do a special fireside for the youth and talk about their mission. The fireside is usually held in the missionary's home, so they can display things from their mission. It's a great opportunity for the youth to ask questions, since they can't do that during a homecoming. Our youth seem to really enjoy it. (Idea shared by Bonnie Blad / ga04092007)

 An evening with the Stake Patriarch.  We have invited the stake Patriarch to come talk with the youth about patriarchal blessings.  This would also be good for a combined YM/YW Sunday lesson.  (Idea by Rebecca Menzie / ga05192011) 

 An evening with the Temple President and Matron.  If your temple is nearby, then a wonderful fireside for the youth would be a visit from the temple president and his wife. (Idea by Rebecca Menzie / ga05192011)
 Some Fireside Ideas from Young Women's Corner
 We watched the John Bytheway tape on Heroes, the Book of Mormon. They loved it. I made carmel corn (individual bags) and had soda for them all and they ate it while they watched the movie. We had it at the Bishops house and the tape runs 93 min so we were going to cut it a little short but none of the youth wanted to. He has also done one on the 3 best hours of the week in which he talks about getting more out of your Sunday meetings.  I hear it is really good and that will be the next one. (Idea shared by Angela Cannon / ga04102007)
 We had two speakers (a YM leader and the YW president) who spoke on virtue for about 10 minutes each. Then the last speaker (the YM president who was in charge of the activity) asked the youth what it meant to "wax strong". He demonstrated by having a young man come up and try and hold a string and have it stand up. Then he had a candle warmer with a jar of melted wax. Together he and the young man dipped the string in. Tested it a few times and still it wouldn't stand, but they kept at it and of course by the end it was coated enough that it would be able to stand on its own. He likened that to each choice we make making us a little bit stronger - it doesn't happen all at once.  Then he talked about one way to "wax strong" was by garnishing our thoughts. He had a table full of pizza toppings and talked about each topping, relating it to some virtue. (Honest Olives, Service Sausage, Charitable Cheese, Pure Pepperoni, Modest Mushrooms, etc.)  After all was said and done each of the youth got to come up and "garnish" their own mini pizza and we cooked them. (YM President was John Powell / shared by Heather Beck/ ga04182007)