"You are... their teacher, their example, whether you wish to be or not."
- President Gordon B. Hinckley


 Get to know you books by Sami Melinkovich
 Secretly wash the bishopric's cars.  After you wash them, put a note under their wiper that says: "Because of your faithfulness in serving in our ward, you will be blessed to "see" more clearly. Thanks for serving so lovingly."
 Stump the Bishop by Celeste Casey
 We had a great activity a couple of weeks ago. We had the Bishop's favorite dessert, strawberry shortcake, and the girls sat around and asked him questions. We also made a small poster with all (well most) of the girls' pictures on it and then they signed it around the border. Our Bishop loves basketball so I bought a $5 basketball and all the girls signed it. We blindfolded him and had him sit in a chair in the gym and then the girls ran in dribbling the basketball and screaming. It was kind of corny, but everyone seemed to love it. I cut the questions into strips and this gave them something to get them started. Several had questions of their own. (Joanne Perry)
 You've been egged! by Jon and Becky Tolman


 Bishop Appreciation Ideas
 Bishop's Birthday - We had the Primary chorister teach a month before his birthday the song "He's Our Bishop" We also bought a funny old tie at a thrift store and had the kids sign their name with fabric paint on the tie (we have a small primary) Or you could have each class do their own and present the bishop with a whole new wardrobe of ties. (Idea by Alison Lilburn)
 Bishop's Birthday Idea - We made a Bishop's "Storehouse"... a basket filled with goodies for the bishopric to keep in the office and eat during their long hours of meetings and interviews. Every so often we'd go back in and fill it up. (Idea by Megan)
 Bishop Candy Gram
 Bishop's Treat Bag
 Give him a hand.... by Laura Nicholls

These forms were created to make issuing a call more effective.  Review with the person being called, the  responsibilities their new calling will entail and then give them the paper upon leaving (which will have contact information for those serving in the organization they are being called to).  
 Primary Teacher
 Relief Society Teacher
 Young Women Advisor/Teacher
 Thank you bishop! (green) from www.lds.about.com
 Thank you bishop! (pink) from www.lds.about.com
 Thank you bishop! (purple) from www.lds.about.com

 Family Home Evening Lesson on Bishops by Deseret Book
 Play a game to illustrate how we should follow the bishop. Choose a child to be the leader and have the rest of Primary follow his or her directions. When the leader says, “Bishop says,” the Primary takes one step forward. For example, the leader says, “Bishop says, ‘Pay your tithing.’ ” Or, “Bishop says, ‘Prepare for a mission.’ ” However, if the leader gives a direction without saying “Bishop says” first, the Primary stands still. For example: “Jump up and down.” Or, “Stomp your feet.” Children who move forward without being told “Bishop says” must return to the starting point. The first child to reach the leader becomes the next leader. (Idea taken from the September 2002 Friend Magazine)
A bishop was walking down the street one day when he noticed a young primary boy in his ward trying to press the doorbell of one of the nonmembers on the street. The boy was very small and the doorbell was too high for him to reach it, so the Bishop decided to help him by pressing the doorbell. Crouching down to the child's level, the Bishop smiled benevolently and asked, "And now what, young brother?" To which the boy replied, "Now we run like heck!"
 A Mormon bishop, a Catholic priest, and a TV evangelist were fishing from a boat in the middle of a small lake. The priest realized that he'd left his tackle box in his car, and, not wanting to disturb the other two, got out of the boat and walked over the water to the shore, got his gear, walked back, and started fishing. An hour or so passed, and the bishop began to feel a little hungry. His lunch was back in his car, though. . . . So, he got out of the boat, walked over the water, got his lunch, came back, and nibbled on his sandwich. The evangelist, not to be outdone, decided that he'd best go for a walk, too. He mumbled something about going to the bathroom, stood up, stepped over the side of the boat . . . and splashed into the lake. The priest, chuckling, said to the bishop, "Think we should've told him about those submerged rocks?" Said the bishop, "what rocks??" 
 Appreciating the Bishop (Young Women Manual 2: Lesson 11)
 Duties of the Bishop and Branch President (Basic Manual for Priesthood Holders, Part A)
 Edward Partridge is called as the first bishop (Primary 5: Doctrine & Covenants Lesson 17)
 I'll Serve Jesus Christ by Serving Others (Primary 3: Choose the Right B)
 Priesthood Organization (Gospel Principles Manual)
 Sustaining those who are called to preside (Teachings of the Presidents of the Church) 

 Explain that one way we honor the bishop and other priesthood leaders is by calling them by their correct title. It is a sign of respect. Write the offices listed in Articles of Faith 1:6 on the chalkboard: apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists. Write the following titles on separate pieces of paper: elder, president, bishop, brother, and patriarch. Place the papers in random order on the chalkboard. Sing “The Sixth Article of Faith” (p. 126). As you get to each title, stop and have a child match the correct title to the office until all titles and offices are matched. Apostles are addressed as “Elder.” The prophet is called “President” because he is the President of the Church. A pastor is now called “bishop.” “Teacher” does not refer to a teacher in an auxiliary but to someone who holds that office in the priesthood; he should be called “Brother.” The Prophet Joseph Smith explained that evangelists are our patriarchs.  Write a letter from the Primary to the bishop to thank him for his service. Include a commitment from the children to keep the commandments and to live worthy to attend the temple. Have each child sign his or her name or draw a picture of himself or herself. (Idea taken from the September 2002 Friend Magazine)
 What are the responsibilities of a bishop?? 

 Our Bishop
 (Sung to "Once there was a snowman")
"Once there was a bishop, bishop, bishop.
Once there was a bishop, tall, tall, tall!
He loved all the children, children, children
He loved all the children, small, small, small"


 A wise bishop... - An idea for helping create reverence in Sacrament Meeting
 All about the Bishop and his calling
 Bishop Get-to-Know You Questions
 Caring for our meetinghouse by Laura Conder - Sign up sheet for cleaning the building
 Chocolate for the Bishop's Wife Soul (2007 BYU Women's Conference)

 A Day With the Bishop
 Bishop Thank You by Rebecca Skinner
 "My sister in law gave me this idea and it worked very well as a sharing time. I had each of the brethren give me an outline of their profile on black paper. (usually done by tracing the shadow of the head like in grade school). I then mounted it on white paper. They also each gave me 15 or so facts about themselves (birth date, place, hobbies, mission etc.) During sharing time the kids had to match each of the tidbits of information to the profiles, and eventually figure out which member of the bishopric it was. It was a good way for all of us to get to know these men in a fun way." (Idea by Leslie in Idaho Falls, Idaho)
 "We made a scrapbook calendar. We took pictures of each class and put a different class on each monthly page. We used scrapbook supplies,...i.e. die cuts, stickers, stamps, etc...And I must say it turned out really cute. I think the Bishop really appreciated it."  (Idea by Camille)
 We wanted to do something to honor our bishop on Father's Day since he is the father of our ward.  We are going to have him come into Primary hidden behind a rolling chalkboard.  I spoke to his wife and found out lots of fun facts about him to give as clues for the children to try and guess who he is.  When they find out how it is we were going to sing, "Our Bishop" to him and give him a treat.  We are hoping this will let the bishop know how much we appreciate him and give the children an opportunity to get to know him better too! (Idea shared by Kristen / ga06092008)

 Are YOU smarter than the bishop?? by Deb Reynolds
 Bishop Singing Time
 Chocolate Chip Cookies with a Bishop Appreciation Twist

  “How to Sustain Your Bishop,” Ensign, Mar. 1994, 23
  The Mantle of a Bishop by Robert D. Hales
 Tracking Sheets for Bishops - Jeanne Kluse created this one of a kind tracking sheet.  They are helpful for bishops to keep track of each youths progress, staying on top of interviews, seminary, Duty to God and YW Recognition Awards.  The first document is for Young Men and the second document is for Young Women.
VIDEO CLIPS:  Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...
 Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Video Presentations - Caring for the Needy. President Thomas S. Monson speaks about the office of bishop and caring for the needy. Includes selections from the Videocassette Caring for the Needy.  8:55 min. (Video Clip 7)
 McGee Stamp and Trophy - a great place to order missionary plaques, awards and more.