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Melinda writes, "I really liked the object lesson idea but worried about ice cream messes on dresses, and the risk of meltage on the drive to church.  So, I crafted some ice cream cones out of party hats, which I covered in gold foil tissue paper.  Then, I filled them with a bag of treats (Baskin Robins hard candy, m&m's, skittles, a brownie, caramel hard candy, etc.) and wrapped them in pink tissue paper.  Finally, I added a cherry to the top which I found on Google images, and added the question "How are You topping your Sunday?"

(I was able to find all my materials at the dollar store and made 8 cones for under $9!)  I used the original idea of toppings that would have been better served on hot dogs or tacos but just asked whether any of them would use one of those items on their ice cream.  It was a fun way to open the lesson before delving into the deeper message of the Sabbath."