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alt A Scripture Dinner
alt Book of Mormon Cake Boss by Jennie Snow
alt Book of Mormon Easter Activity by Wendy
alt Book of Mormon Feud
alt Book of Mormon Fiesta
alt Book of Mormon Learn-a-thon by Megan Okerlund
alt Book of Mormon Murder Mystery Activities
alt Book of Mormon Olympics
alt Book of Mormon Read-A-Thon by Andrea Lewis
alt Book of Mormon Read-A-Thon
alt Have your children make paper boats (talk about needing to follow directions as Nephi needed to follow directions). As they follow directions (paper bowl stapled in ‘v’ shape, pieces of cloth attached to stick to make sail), continue to comment on how Nephi needed to follow directions and why he was building a ship. Have them make tools by tying sticks together, etc. (Idea by Barbara Culatta and Lee Ann Setzer)
alt Moroni's Promise - Encourages youth to read BOM and test Moroni's Promise in 6 months.
alt Read Along: Abinidi and King Noah by Diane Tringali
alt Reader's Theater by Linda Harper
alt Scripture Dinner
alt Scripturegg Hunt (Easter Activity)
alt Teens Gather to Read LDS Scripture

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alt Book of Mormon Reader App (Facebook)


alt Click here to see all the Book of Mormon Reading Charts


alt Book of Mormon Incentive Bookmark by Valerie Lee
alt Continue to learn from the Book of Mormon by Shaunte Wadley


alt Book of Mormon Candy Bar Wrapper from
alt Book of Mormon Lifesaver Wrapper (1), (2), (3)


alt Book of Mormon Stories
alt Clipart from the Book of Mormon (from Gospel Art Kit)
alt Father Lehi, close-up
alt Father Lehi
alt Flannel Board Stories from the Book of Mormon
alt Gold Plates
alt Nephi
alt Open Book of Mormon from
alt Wicked King Noah


King Benjamin in the tower - Color by Number


alt Book of Mormon Audio Commentaries


alt How to make your own gold plates by Janna Wade
Make your own Brass Plates
alt Personalized Scripture Totes and Covers
alt The Book of Mormon
alt You could let each child make their own scriptures (to represent the scriptures) similar to these pictures:

* You can see a photo of another version of this craft by clicking here.  For each set of scriptures, you'd need: red ribbon, two mini chocolate candy bars (like Hershey Treasures or something similar), a square piece of cardstock to place scriptures on (see above picture), scotch tape and strip of paper (you can leave this blank and let the children write on them or you can print your own)."


alt Brother of Jared
alt Book of Mormon from LDS Living
alt Follow the Liahona by Devan Jensen
alt FHE Lesson on Oliver Cowdery by LDS Living
alt Pretend the children are on the boat heading to the American continent. Set up chairs to look like a boat or use a cardboard box or chairs placed upside down. Give out seeds to hold (so they could plant when they arrived). Talk about how Lehi and his family took a boat trip. Pass out foods that could be eaten on the ship (things that wouldn’t spoil easily, such as potatoes). Pull out different kinds of foods (packaged, convenience, and basic staples) and talk about what they would have been able to take. Talk about why they are taking the trip. Give children tastes of food that Lehi’s family would have been able to eat and take on the boat (e.g., dried apples). Talk about whether or not the family would have been able to cook their food. Maybe try tasting raw potatoes. (Idea by Barbara Culatta and Lee Ann Setzer) 

alt Book of Mormon Cake Walk by Shelley Nash 
alt Book of Mormon cards (similar to Go Fish)
alt Book of Mormon Jeopardy
alt Book of Mormon Matching Game by Becky Beals
alt Book of Mormon Pictionary
alt Book of Mormon Scripture Grab Bag - From the February 2000 Friend Magazine
alt Book of Mormon Survivor
alt Journey to the Promised Land Game
alt Lehi's Journey to the Promised Land from the January 1996 Friend Magazine.
alt The Last Straw Review Game (Book of Mormon)


alt 1st and 2nd Nephi Scripture Inserts by Valerie Lee
alt Book of Mormon Picture Frame
alt Life Saver Wrappers (1), (2), (3)
alt There is something more by Nicki Brammer
alt Two bookmarks from


alt An old man was walking down the street. The old man always carried a Book of Mormon in his shirt pocket. One day a man came up and pointed a gun right at his chest and pulled the trigger. The man stepped back stunned, but unhurt. He pulled out his Book of Mormon and opened it up to where the bullet had stopped and said, "See, my young friend?  Nothing gets past second Nephi."
alt Letter Daze (comic)


alt Book of Mormon Scripture Journal Prompts


alt Book of Mormon Study Guide - Questions to ask yourself...
alt Does the Book of Mormon count?
alt Promises for reading the Book of Mormon
alt Seminary Teacher Guide for the Book of Mormon (5 stars on this one!!!)
alt The translation Miracle of the Book of Mormon


alt How to make your own Liahona


Grandpa Abram's 2005 B.O.M. Math Challenge from Discover the Scriptures


alt A Voice Whispers from the Earth, August 1991, New Era
alt As I Search the Holy Scriptures (Hymn Book pg. 277)
alt Book of Mormon Stories (Children's Songbook pg. 118)
alt Books of the Book of Mormon
alt Hand In Hand Together
alt LDS Seminary Songs: Book of Mormon (Scripture Mastery Scriptures put to music)
alt Other Sheep Have I
alt Samuel the Lamanite
alt Thank You Nephi!
alt The Book of Mormon Teaches Me


alt A Book of Mormon Story
alt A book with a promise by Elder Craig C. Christensen
alt Testimony of the Book of Mormon by Jeffrey R. Holland


alt Book of Mormon ABC's by Katrina Boyer 
alt Book of Mormon Challenge by Trina Brough - Wonderful program for Primary or even for your family!
alt Book of Mormon download with wide margins for journaling and doodles  
alt Book of Mormon Geography
alt Book of Mormon Reading Program for 2012
alt Book of Mormon Theme Ideas
alt Book of Mormon Treat Ticket by Kari Johnson
Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon (Sept. '04 Friend)
alt King Benjamin's Talk in General Conference Format
Listen to the BOM online 
alt Make your own 1830's signature
alt Scripture Goal Cards by Mandy Williams
alt Scripture Stories Book- Celebrating the Book of Mormon One Section at a Time by Keri Toponce
alt Search the Book of Mormon by word or phrase
alt Where did the Book of Mormon come from?
Who's Who In The Book of Mormon?
alt Why is it called the Book of Mormon?


The Book of Mormon and TV Guide
alt What if the Book of Mormon had been written by Dr. Seuss?  (Author Unknown)


How we got the Book of Mormon - could be used to help write a children's talk


alt A Lively Hope - Book of Mormon Study Journal for children
alt Glue N' Glitter


alt Keepers of the Flame - a presentation of Book of Mormon prophets and record keepers that pass down the sacred records from Nephi all the way to Joseph Smith, and then it is passed to the Young Women. (Credit Unknown - transferred from lds-yw files)
alt Truth Restored


alt Book of Mormon People | Answers: Click Here
alt Mystery Picture


alt Book of Mormon Reading Program for 2012


One Liners
Quick Quotes
Quotes on Book of Mormon from W.O.O.L.


alt Joseph Smith receives the gold plates
alt Moroni hides the plates in the Hill Cumorah
alt Returning to Jerusalem to get the brass plates


alt Book of Mormon prophets foretold the coming of Jesus Christ
alt Invite an adult to dress in a simple costume and tell the children about Christ’s appearance at the temple in the Americas (see 3 Ne. 11–12, 17). Show the Book of Mormon Video Presentations #8, “My Joy Is Full” (item no. 53911). Play the video a second time with the sound turned down and have the children sing songs, such as “I Feel My Savior’s Love” (pp. 74–75), “I’m Trying to Be like Jesus” (pp. 78–79), and “Had I Been a Child” (pp. 80–81). Have the children write or draw in their temple booklets about the experiences the Nephite children had at the temple when Jesus Christ appeared. (March 2002 Sharing Time Suggestion)
alt Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon
alt Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon by the power of God
alt Study the Book of Mormon
alt The Bible and Book of Mormon testify of Christ
alt The Book of Mormon is the word of God and is another testament of Jesus Christ
alt The Gospel is Restored- YouTube


alt The Bible and Book of Mormon testify of Christ
alt The Three Witnesses Skit


2 short stories to encourage you to read the Book of Mormon
alt Book of Mormon Parable
alt The Book of Mormon changed our missions
alt The Brass Plates


alt 2009 Summer Reading Program by Amy Stephens and Kricket Mounts
alt 2010 Summer Scripture Reading Program by Lynelle Klein
alt Article of Faith Challenge by Carrie Cutler - Summer Program for Senior Primary
alt Book of Mormon Summer Reading Schedule by Jenni Hughes 
alt Summer Scripture Reading Program by Samantha Carter
alt Summer Scripture Quest by Carrie Cutler - For Junior Primary


Book of Mormon Story Pages for young children to illustrate story for a talk - from
alt How we got the Book of Mormon - could be used to help write a children's talk
alt The Book of Mormon will Change your life - Henry B Eyring - Feb 2004 Ensign  


alt Reviewing Alma - Football Style

VIDEO CLIPS: Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt A voice from the dust - This four-part videocassette about the Book of Mormon describes the coming forth of the book and illustrates its power to influence and transform lives.
alt Book of Mormon Stories - 54 chapters of stories from the Book of Mormon. Contains maps, glossaries, and a time line of events. Videocassettes are not animated.
alt Family Home Evening Video Supplement - 'Flood the Earth with the Book of Mormon,' 5:50 minutes (Video Clip 2)
alt How Rare A Possession - Portrays the origin and coming forth of the Book of Mormon and how 19th-century Parley P. Pratt and 20th-century Vincenzo DiFrancesca developed a testimony of the book. 64 min.
alt Parley P. Pratt Finds the Book of Mormon - President Ezra Taft Benson challenges Church members to read the Book of Mormon. Includes selections from the movie The Book of Mormon: How Rare a Possession.  10:53 min. (Video Clip 4)
alt The Power of the Joseph Smith Translation - (Video Clip 1)  Elder Neal A. Maxwell illustrates how the Joseph Smith Translation gives us increased knowledge of Heavenly Father's work and glory. (Lesson 1 or other lessons that include discussion about the Joseph Smith Translation.) 5:25 min.
alt The Seminary 2005/06 Book of Mormon Battle Movie


Free Book of Mormon worksheets for grades four to seven from Discover the Scriptures