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alt Gossip from Mormon Share

Family Home Evening Lesson:

alt Gossip

Handout Ideas:

alt Dirt - Put some dirt in a sandwich baggie tied up with this quote: "Never throw dirt.  You only lose ground."
alt Feather - "Feathers are like gossip. They are easily turned loose and allowed to go where they will, and always difficult to gather back"

Lesson Helps:

alt One simple way to stop gossip
alt Place an empty chair in the middle of the room and then discuss how one good way to avoid gossiping is to imagine the person who you are talking about is sitting in that chair. Are you telling the truth? Is it kind? Is it necessary to tell? Do you have that person's permission to tell this story or news? Would you really say these things if the person were sitting in the chair? If you can't answer yes to all of these questions, then you are probably gossiping and should talk about something else.
alt The reverse gossip game

Object Lessons:

alt Armor of God  - This object lesson could be used to show how we lose protection when we sin (gossip).
alt Gossip is like glitter from Meck Mom
alt Object Lesson on Gossip
alt Feather Object Lesson
alt The China Teacup by Sandy Osburn
alt Tube of Toothpaste - Once it's out, it's out


alt Gossip
alt Gossip Town
alt My name is Gossip
alt The snake that poisons everyone


alt One Liners
alt Quick Quotes
alt Quotes on Gossip from W.O.O.L. (Words of our leaders)


alt A Good Day
alt A Peasant and a Monk
alt It's Plain Thievery! by Constance Cameron (Very good!)
alt The Dart Test
alt Triple Filter Test