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Bridal Shower Game Ideas
21 Bridal Shower Ideas and Games
Non-traditional bridal shower idea
Three bridal shower games by Allison Drake
Wedding Shower Ice Breakers!


Bridal Shower Gift Idea by Allison Drake
Bridal Shower Pillowcases -- too funny!
Signature Frame
Wedding Shower Cupcakes

- Bring a recipe - Send blank recipe cards inside the shower invitations and ask that each guest write down their favorite recipe.  Put a post it note on the recipe card asking for "Main Dish" or "Dessert" or "Side Dish".....that way they get a variety of recipes.  Then each guest is asked to bring their card and make their dish for the shower so everyone can taste their dish.  Collect all the recipes at the front door and put them in a recipe box for the bride. 


Bridal Spa Party by Paula Hill