Jenny Phillips, of, has some great ideas, helps and music for the 2010 Mutual Theme.  In order to access her ideas and such, you have to first register for her site (which is free).  Once you go to her website, you'll see the following image on the main page.  Click on the words "Free Downloads"....

Next you'll enter your e-mail address (to login AND to register). 

You will then see the following screen:

She has a printable calendar for YW and Relief Society leaders (see the top of that screen).  She also has a program script, New Beginnings/Young Women in Excellence Ideas, and Youth Activity Ideas.  If you continue to scroll down the page you will see many other kinds of ideas for past themes, pioneer trek's and more.  I am adapting some of her ideas for next year into Family Home Evening lessons.  This is a definite must see. fulltext