Welcome to the Straightway Mall....where shopping is Heavenly.   

Welcome to the Straightway Mall

Each "store" will represent each of the "answers".  In essence we are touching on some of the everyday answers given during lessons like read your scriptures' , `say your prayers',`pay your tithing', `attend the Temple' by expressing, in a creative way, these "answers" are not to be taken lightly they are a constant reminder of how we can live Christ-like lives and return to our Heavenly Father. 

We had a `make your own' pasta dinner bar for dinner. A.K.A (Spiritually Fed Food Court) includes "Mission" Fields Cookies.  We dressed our mall, staff and publicity in pastel spring colors, and included the following "stores." The First 3 were a mini class that prepared a 15 minute lesson and gave it three times so all could attend all three. The rest of the stores were "kiosks" that displayed their topic. 

Motherhood-F.H.E., Obedience and parenting all age children 
Build N' Bear- Building and bearing your Testimony 
Sears and Roebuck / The Crown Jeweler ~ Seers and Revelators: (Following the Prophet) 
Borders - Read the Scriptures 
Buckle / Faithful Footwear ~ Buckle down and attend your Meetings 
Gap ~Close the Gap between you and your Heavenly Father
Pray Limited ~ Your funds are not limited if you pay your tithing 
Nordstrom ~ Don't make Temple attendance a half yearly event sale   

We gave everyone a shopping bag and a Master's Card that they could collect their tokens from each store.  Each store had a favor that went along with their theme and lesson (ie: Borders had a book mark and Nordstrom had a Temple schedule in a protective cover)  

The sisters had about 15 minutes between each class and every so often we would call out a name from a ticket and give away 100 Grand or Payday candy bars. They filled out their ticket when they signed the roll. 

Master's Card Benefits  
Prayer Teller Service 24 hours a day 
Unlimited Credit Line 
Guaranteed Blessings 
Better than cash back bonus 
No annual fee 
Overdraft protection 
Annual Account/Recommend Reviews  

Each committee member was in charge of one store and they could teach the class themselves or assign a teacher. I made name tags for all to wear and if they designed the store and taught the class they wore  Store Manager/Store Owner but if they designated a teacher the tag read Store Owner and the Teacher's read Store Manager.  

We had a Mall Directory hanging from a volleyball standard (made into a tree) and decorated the food court tables and walls with the New Era "Mormon  Ads." We used the rectangle tables and added ficus trees and a baby pool/bird bath as a fountain to complete our mall food court decorations.  We invited our Young Women and made little paper purse invites that "Pursonally" invited them to our Mall Night. fulltext