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alt 2 Joseph Smith Quarterly Activity Ideas
alt A Walk with Joseph Smith
alt Draw Joseph Smith, December 1996 Friend
alt Joseph Smith Easter Egg Hunt
alt Joseph Smith History Review by Eric Richards


alt "Grampa" Bill's G.A. Pages
alt Joseph Smith Jr., 1st President of the Church Basic Facts and Biographical Sketch


alt Joseph Smith Bookmark by Brianne Adams


alt Joseph Smith's First Vision


alt Joseph from Christy's Clipart
alt Joseph in the Sacred Grove, April 1987 Friend
alt Puzzle & Coloring Page


alt Joseph Smith's First Vision
alt Pop Up Craft - Nursery Craft Idea.  You could have the saying on the front be anything you want.  In this craft it reads, "Heavenly Father Has A Body."


alt The First Vision / Forrest Life


alt Family Home Evening Lesson on Joseph Smith by Deseret Book
alt First Vision Family Home Evening by Janetta Graham
alt Joseph Smith Lesson from Deseret Book 
alt Joseph Smith Finger Scenes (From the Friend)
alt The trial of Joseph Smith, the Prophet by Debbie Loveland


alt Johnny Cake Recipe (and History)

alt Joseph Smith Johnny Cakes
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alt Crossword Puzzle
alt Hollywood Squares Game about the life of Joseph Smith by Julie
alt Joseph Smith History Word Strip Puzzle
alt Joseph Smith Jeopardy Game
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alt Joseph Smith Truth Game by Liesel Larson
alt Mystery Picture


alt O My Father Bookmark by Jacy C.
alt Restoration Handout by Erika Miller


alt Jesus Christ's Church has been restored (Primary Manual 3 lesson 6)
alt Joseph Smith's Childhood (Primary Manual 3, Lesson 4)
alt The First Vision (Primary Manual 3, Lesson 5)


alt 3 ideas on how to teach the First Vision
alt Could Joseph Smith really translate the Book of Mormon??
alt First Vision - If you talk about the grove of trees and Joseph's first vision, have the children get in the mood by kneeling on the floor and closing their eyes. Ask them to imagine what the grove was like. Then play a tape with recorded birds chirping. These tapes are becoming quite popular and lots of people have them. Check your local library or ask a friend! (Idea by Shanna Dayton)
alt The First Vision: Journey to the Sacred Grove
alt The Lord prepares the way for the Restoration


alt A Young Boy Named Joseph
alt Follow the Prophet verse written by Linda Terry
alt Sung to "Follow the Prophet" (Primary Children's Hymnbook)
Joseph was a prophet
First one of our day,
He saw God and Jesus when he went to pray
He prayed with great faith to know which church was true
Jesus said to join none
Truth shall come thru you.


alt "In one small moment"


alt The Gospel Restored - Various prophets and apostles share their testimony of Joseph Smith
alt The Life and Death of Mormon Founder Joseph Smith Jr.
alt The Spirit of God


alt Fact Card for Joseph Smith from
alt First Vision Program Cover
alt Historic Information
alt Joseph Calls the 12 and the 70
alt Joseph Smith's Bedroom - Pictures of the home and room where he saw the Angel Moroni.
alt Joseph Smith Biography
alt Joseph Smith - A History of the Prophet
alt Joseph Smith Jr. - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
alt Links on Joseph Smith
alt Make your own decoder by Nicole Brown
alt Moroni's Visits to a 17 year old Joseph Smith by Denise Bound [pdf] or [Word] (ga10272006)
alt Pictures of Joseph Smith's bedroom
alt The Lord restored the fulness of the gospel through Joseph Smith


alt Joseph Smith - Taken from the January 1989 Friend


alt A walk with Joseph Smith
alt Jenny Phillip's Marvelous Work and A Wonder Program and Music
alt Keepers of the Flame - a presentation of Book of Mormon prophets and record keepers that pass down the sacred records from Nephi all the way to Joseph Smith, and then it is passed to the Young Women. [pdf] or [Word] (Credit Unknown - transferred from lds-yw files)
alt The Women Who Knew Joseph Smith - the Women of the first Relief Society


alt Joseph Smith Crossword Puzzle
alt Joseph Smith Puzzle Squares / Coloring Sheet


alt Joseph Smith History Review by Eric Richards


alt One Liners
alt Prayer as pertaining to Joseph Smith
alt Quick Quotes


alt A Musical Tribute to Joseph Smith by Gina Worthen


Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon
alt Joseph Smith Asked Heavenly Father to Help Him Choose the Right
alt Joseph Smith-Prophet of the Restoration
alt Joseph Smith Restored the Church by Ember Thompson
alt Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon by the power of God by Melanie Day
alt Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon by the power of God by Sheena Perron
alt Joseph Smith's first vision by Ruth Bardsley - Power Point Presentation and Activity Idea
alt The Life of Joseph Smith
alt The Lord restored the fullness of the gospel through Joseph Smith by Melanie Day


alt Three Witnesses Skit - D & C 17


alt Edward and the Prophet
alt Story from the Friend on Joseph Smith

VIDEO CLIPS:  Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Video Presentations - The First Vision. President Gordon B. Hinckley speaks about the Prophet Joseph Smith's First Vision. Includes selections from the movie The First Vision. (Lesson 2.) 8:20 min. (Video Clip 1)
alt Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Video Presentations - The Martyrdom of Joseph Smith, the Prophet. President Gordon B. Hinckley discusses the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Features the song 'A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief' (Hymns, no. 29). (Lesson 40.) 1:57 min. (Video Clip 10)
alt Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration - This review of the Prophet Joseph Smith's ministry shows he "has done more, save Jesus only, for the salvation of men in this world", D&C 135:3. (Video Clip 9) 13:08 min.
alt Moments from Church History - This six-part videocassette tells the stories of several events in Church history. It is useful for class, individual, or family study.  The following clips on this video pertain to Joseph Smith:
          (Video Clip 1) The First Vision. 1976. Portrays the boy Joseph Smith and his struggle for the truth. Vividly depicts the First Vision and the instructions Joseph received. 15 minutes.
          (Video Clip 4) Last Day at Carthage. 1967. Depicts the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith at Carthage Jail; includes narration with photography of the jail and surrounding landscape. 5 minutes. Black and white.
          (Video Clip 6) Joseph Smith: The Man. 1980. Lethe Tatge recounts to a group of children what her great-grandfather told her of his firsthand experiences with the Prophet. 9 minutes.
alt The Power of the Joseph Smith Translation - (Video Clip 1)  Elder Neal A. Maxwell illustrates how the Joseph Smith Translation gives us increased knowledge of Heavenly Father's work and glory. (Lesson 1 or other lessons that include discussion about the Joseph Smith Translation.) 5:25 min.


alt Joseph Smith - The Prophet of the Restoration Film
alt Joseph Smith The Prophet