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alt Harold B. Lee, 11th President of the Church - Basic Facts and Biographical Sketch


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alt Harold B. Lee Facts
alt Harold B. Lee's Biography


alt Answer to prayer - March 2002 Friend
alt Fist day at school - February 2002 Friend
alt Harold B. Lee - November 1989 Friend
alt Healing a soldier - October 2002 Friend
alt Heavenly blessings - November 2002 Friend
alt Heeding the Holy Ghost - January 2002 Friend
alt Helping a family in need - December 2002 Friend
alt His eternal family - August 2002 Friend
alt His mother prays - May 2002 Friend
alt His mother saves his life - April 2002 Friend
alt Musical missionary - July 2002 Friend
alt Shares Christmas - December 2001 Friend
alt Witness as an apostle - September 2002 Friend


alt Harold B. Lee Crossword Puzzle
alt Harold B. Lee Puzzle Squares / Coloring Sheet


alt Harold B. Lee's Boiled Raisin Cake