Deborah writes, "For 2010, we have ‘adopted’ a dog for our Activity Day Program. It’s WAGS the black lab. WAGS stands for “Wonderful And Grateful Saint”. She is a big, adorable, snuggly black lab stuffed animal.

The girls will take turns keeping WAGS with them for 2 weeks. I have included a Scrapbook and Journal Notebook for them to journal daily and take photos or draw pictures detailing the activities they do with WAGS.

Here are some of my journal pages: ( Page 1 (cover page) |  Page 2  |  Page 3  |  Page 4).  You can adapt these pages to fit your needs.

When they return to the next meeting, they will share any portion of their journal entries with the group and tell us what she and WAGS did during their time together. The first pages inside of the binder contain a certificate of adoption for WAGS, Information about her, and journaling suggestions.  WAGS will travel with the girls in a reusable bag with her own blanket, tennis ball, binder and marker / crayon / color pencil set.  Suggestions for daily care of  WAGS includes praying and reading scriptures with her daily, getting ½ hour of exercise daily, and writing and sharing their testimony with her.  The girls are so excited for their chance to take home and care for WAGS."