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alt "Grampa" Bill's G.A. Pages
alt Gordon B. Hinckley, 15th President of the Church - Basic Facts and Biographical Sketch


alt Clipart from
alt Gordon B. Hinckley (clipart / picture now and as child - look at C and 4)
alt Sketch of Gordon B. Hinckley


alt Coloring Sheet on Gordon B. Hinckley from Christy's Clipart
alt President Hinckley (from October 2006 Friend-scroll down)


alt Lessons learned from President Hinckley by Alicia Riley
alt After the passing of Pres. Hinckley, I decided to do one last lesson on his life. My children love to scrapbook with me so we made a special page just to remember Pres. Hinckley. We glued his picture and some of the things he did in his life to inspire us--Temples, service etc. We also discussed how a prophet is chosen and the plan of salvation. There were plenty of other topics that came up during our project. Now my children have a page in their book to remember the first prophet in their life-time. (Idea by Kathie Perkins / ga01302008)
alt Timeline of President Hinckley's Life


Gordon B. Hinckley Bookmarks submitted by Kamie Brickey


alt Constant as the North Star - 1996 Friend
alt "Don't ever forget to pray" - At a meeting with the Primary General Board and President Hinckley, the General Primary President asked if there was a message Pres. Hinckley wanted to share with the children of the church and he said, "Yes, tell them don't ever forget to pray." A member of the board was thinking about this council as she drove home from the meeting and a melody came to her. She stopped and jotted it down and the results are this song so it is a current message from our prophet to the Primary children. (Click here for more ideas)
alt Follow the Prophet Extra Versus Written for Gordon B. Hinckley 
alt Gordon B. Hinckley - Constant As The North Star
alt President Hinckley Song and Game


alt A funny 
alt Fact Card for Gordon B. Hinckley from
alt Gordon B. Hinckley becomes the oldest church leader ever 
alt Gordon B. Hinckley's Biography
alt Gordon B. Hinckley's Photo Essay by Scott Facer Proctor 
alt Mike Wallace Interview (from 60 minutes) Transcribed
alt President Hinckley Singing Time by Rachael Larson
alt President Hinckley's Missionary Experience
alt President Hinckley's LDS Conference Talks and Advice
alt "Ten Years: A Reflection Of A Prophet From His Daughter" written by Kathleen Hinckley Barnes Walker
alt The Prophet's Counsel: The Six Bs


alt Faces "Pharaoh" - October 2001 Friend

alt Another crossword puzzle and biography of President Hinckley from October 1995 Friend
alt Gordon B. Hinckley Crossword Puzzle


 alt Quick Quotes on or by Gordon B. Hinckley


alt Heavenly Father Prepares the Prophet (all about President Hinckley)
alt In the Oct. 2001 Friend page 38 & 39 there is a cartoon story called "President Hinckley faces Pharaoh." It tells a story about President Hinckley as a missionary. It is a fun short story. Have someone be dressed as President Hinckley as a missionary and tell how he had to face a newspaper editor who was publishing untrue stories about the church.


alt President Hinckley and the Model T 
alt The Walnut Tree - the story behind the pulpit at the Conference Center
alt Zip your lips! (March 2001)


Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos... 

alt Conversion and Retention: President Gordon B. Hinckley Speaks to Members of Stake and Ward Councils - Videocassette of 1999 satellite broadcast. President Hinckley addresses the importance of leaders and members in the retention of those who are baptized.
alt Gordon B. Hinckley - Man of Integrity, 15th President of the Church - This one-hour video explores President Hinckley's childhood, his mission to England, and his work in developing the Church's missionary and public relations programs. It takes viewers to the far corners of the earth as they follow his apostolic ministry. Through it all, his love for the Saints and his total commitment to the Master are shown to permeate his life.
alt President Gordon B. Hinckley Speaks to Parents and Youth - This videocassette features three addresses given by President Gordon B. Hinckley. An accompanying user�s guide suggests ways to use the videocassette in teaching the principles emphasized by President Hinckley.
alt Sharing Time with President Gordon B. Hinckley - Speaking to the Primary children, President Gordon B. Hinckley emphasizes the importance of paying a full tithe, belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, preparing while they are young to attend the temple, and being part of an eternal family. He encourages children to stay close to the Church, which is "constant as the North Star," by living the principles taught to them by their parents and in Primary. (8 minutes)

 YouTube Video Clips:

 alt Larry King Live - An interview with Gordon B. Hinckley