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alt Prophet Party by Jeanni Gould - Although this activity was done with the Young Women, it could be adapted for many different purposes.


 God speaks through prophets by Janae Campbell


alt Prophets Clipart


alt Follow the Prophet - He knows the way by Zippy
alt I am blessed when I follow the prophet by Mandy Lunt
alt My Prophet Coloring Pages


alt A Prophet Party
alt Family Home Evening Lesson on Prophets by Deseret Book
alt Prophet Family Home Evening by Wendy Beus
 Prophets in the Land Again submitted by Kari Mitchell


alt Don't eat the prophet
alt Prophet Review Game
alt To help the children practice following the prophet, play "Who's the Leader?" Have the children sit in a circle. Choose one child to be It and leave the room; choose another child to be the leader in the circle. The leader does actions like tapping the knees, patting the head, and raising an arm. The rest of the children follow the leader's actions. Have "it" return and go to the center of the circle and try to discover who the leader is by watching the children follow him or her. After a correct guess is made, choose two other children to be "it" and the leader. Play several times. (November 2003 Friend sharing time)


alt Follow the Prophet Handout
alt Fourteen Fundamentals in Following the Prophet
alt God speaks through prophets by Janae Campbell
alt Heavenly Father speaks to prophets (crossword puzzle)
alt Remember to be a smartie by Nicole Stapley
alt Presidents of the Church Booklet by Mary Ann Clements
alt One "Foot" In Front Of The Other
alt The Lord's Lighthouse


alt The Church of Jesus Christ has Prophets to teach us (Primary Manual 3)
alt Fourteen Fundamentals in Following the Prophet
alt Help the children understand that prophets strengthen our families by showing us how to follow Jesus Christ and walk in His light. Ask a child to leave the room while you hide a picture of a home. Invite the child back in, and ask him or her to go "home." Tell the child there is someone who knows the way and can help. Turn off the lights, give another child a flashlight, and have him or her guide the "lost child" to the "home" by shining the light on the floor. Teach the children that even though we need physical light, spiritual light is even more important. Our prophets teach us how to walk in our Savior's light. (Idea taken from the October 2004 Friend Magazine)
alt I can follow the prophet by... (2007 BYU Women's Conference) - Living in our secular world, we can find peace and joy by following the counsel of the ancient and modern-day prophets.
alt Pratt's Prophet Lesson Helps
alt Primary Lesson - We have a living prophet


alt I Heard The Prophet, Oct 2001 Friend
alt I Heard the Prophet Speak, June 1996, New Era
alt I Like To Listen To The Prophet, Aug 1997 Friend
alt Prophets Then And Now, Oct 1998 Friend
alt We Follow the Prophet, March 1982, Ensign (scroll down)


alt Destiny Dice- Using a single dice, sit in a big circle. We went around the circle each asking a yes or no question to the Destiny Dice. Then the person asking the question would roll the dice. If it was an odd number, the answer was no. If it was an even number, the answer was yes. We had some surprising and interesting questions...ranging from "Will I ever visit the country of Canada?" to "Should I have pre-marital sex". The answer to that one from Destiny Dice was yes! Anyway...after each person had a chance to play, I told them that life doesn't have to be a "roll of the dice". We have prophets, the scriptures, personal revelation, priesthood leader, parents, etc to lead and guide us. And especially if Destiny Dice (or the world) tells us something like pre-marital sex is okay, we can know through the things listed above the way the Lord truly wants us to go. I am sure you get my drift. It was an enjoyable and yet effective teaching tool. (Terisa in Wyoming)
alt Follow the Prophet


alt God's Words Never Cease by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (Mormon Message)
alt Hearing His Voice
 We need living prophets


alt Prophets and Apostles share taestimonies of Christ (put to music)


alt I want to follow the prophet, Oct 2006 Friend


alt The Church of Jesus Christ has Prophets to teach us (Primary Manual 3)
alt There is safety in following the prophet by Julianne Lewis 


alt Prophet and Apostle Word Search by Keith Stradling on
alt Prophet Maze by Christine Henrichsen


alt Quick Quotes on Prophets


alt Blessings come when we follow the prophet, June 2001 Friend
alt Boy Prophets - prophets who were called at a very young age and some of the truths they taught.
alt I Can Follow the Prophet, September 2001 Friend
alt I will follow the Prophet today, October 2006 Friend
alt Listen to a prophet's voice, April 2001 Friend
alt Prophet Sharing Time by Angela Williams
alt Prophet Sharing Time by Kristen Barrett
alt Prophet Cranium Cards by Gina Tucker 
alt Prophet Sharing Time by Megan Bovero
alt Prophet Sharing Time by Rebecca Thornton
alt Prophets, seers and revelators by Kristen Pali 
alt Prophets are called by God (word bubbles) by Nicole Stapley
alt Teachings of our Prophets by Staci Basden
 Treasures from our Prophets and Apostles by Natalie Houston
alt The Prophet Speaks for Heavenly Father, January 2001 Friend
alt We are led by a living prophet today by Amy Hardy  

VIDEO CLIPS:            Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt Watchmen on the Tower(video clip / check your church library for a copy) - An analogy teaches that living prophets warn us of coming dangers. Includes excerpts from talks by President Gordon B. Hinckley and Elder Henry B. Eyring  (Video Clip 12) 4:29 minutes.  You can view the video clip online here.
alt Moments from Church History - (Video Clip 5) LDS Leaders: Past and Present - 1948. A narrative about past Church leaders with rare motion picture footage of Church leaders from the first half of the 20th century. 21 min. Black and white.