Whitney writes, "We did a really fun activity last night that I thought I would share. 


- We want the best for you by Elder Holland (mp3)
- We want the best for you by Elder Holland (pdf)
- Strong and Courageous BINGO (Master)
- Strong and Courageous BINGO Cards

What to Prepare:

Print a bingo card for each girl (there are 2 per sheet).  Bring pens/pencils for the girls to fill out their sheets.  Print the master sheet and cut out the the sheet for the Bingo drawing slips. I used cardstock so it would last longer.  Print the article from Elder Holland (I also sent the mp3 if you would rather play it).  Wrap enough cheap gifts for each girl. We used leftover items in our closet and found some $1 items at Walmart.  Use something for the BINGO chips - we used Sweethearts.


1. The Bingo Card has 15 words under each letter's column. The girls will need to choose 5 words from each column to write in the above open squares. (Make sure the five words choosen from each column are written in the same column where they chose the words.)

2. While the girls are busy writing in their squares either play the article as an MP3 or just read the article to the girls.

3. Once everyone is ready explain the rules of Bingo, if needed, and explain the twist of Dirty Santa (rules below).


A Leader draws a slip of paper and reads what letter and word is on it (ie. B- Faith).  Continue reading at a semi-fast pace to keep the game moving and the girls quiet :).  The first girl to get a BINGO chooses a dirty santa gift.   Once you have gotten a BINGO you must clear your board giving other girls a chance to win.  Once a second girl gets a BINGO they can either choose an unwrapped gift or take an item that has already been chosen and unwrapped. Play through until all the items have been selected (limit stealing to twice).

This was a really fun activity - the girls loved it! It was a good way to learn a little more about this years theme but making a fun activity out of it. We had extra time at the end so we did one last round of bingo. Everyone cleared their boards and the first one to get a bingo won the extra bag of Sweethearts. You could throw in a twist and they only way they win the "Grand Prize" is if they can repeat this year's mutual theme, Joshua 1:9.