Some time ago I read about Sir Walter Scott.  He was the gentleman's gentleman of his day.  He was never unkind or inconsiderate.  Little children quickly gathered at his feet when he entered the room.  Adults were always anxious to be in his presence.  He was extremely well mannered to all children and adults, courteous at all times, and truly one of the great noble men of his generation.

A friend asked Sir Walker Scott where he had been taught such courtesy, manners, respect and love.  "Were you instructed at a special academy or by a private tutor, or did your mother teach you?" 

Sir Walter Scott replied, "When I was a boy about thirteen I saw a dog about fifty feet away.  I picked up a large stone and threw it at the dog, trying to hit it but never supposing that I would.  I hit the dog and broke its leg.  After it had been hit the dog crawled up to me and licked my boots.  I have tried ever since that day to have that same deep abiding love for every soul."