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alt Combined Activity Ideas
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alt Giving the youth ideas for activities by Emily Harmer
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alt Youth Activities from Lets Get Together


alt Activity Plan
alt Parental Permission and Medical Release
alt Performance Contract
alt Talent and Interest Survey


alt Activity Reminder Calls - Our Beehive leader has done something that I thought was really neat.  The have a phone tree set up. The Beehive President calls her two counselors and secretary.  Each one of them has a couple of young women to call. The last young woman on the tree list calls the leader to let her know they have been called. If the leader doesn't hear from the last young woman at the end of the list she knows the ball has been dropped somewhere. (Idea by Jennifer Erickson / ga12052006)
alt I am the young women secretary in our ward.  In order to help prepare the young women for their meetings, activities and upcoming events; I started emailing our girls weekly. Since I started doing this, our girls come more prepared to activities and meetings and attendance count has gone up on a regular basis.  (Idea by Renee M. Martin / ga09262007)


alt Young Women Retreat - Fishers of Men (Credit Unknown - transferred from lds-yw files)

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alt Divine Nature
alt Individual Worth
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alt Choice & Accountability
alt Good Works
alt Integrity
alt Virtue 

alt A year of activity ideas
alt Year-at-a-glance YW Activity Calendar by Michonne Terry
alt Yearly Planning Session by Trish Haley - good idea any time of year...doesn't have to be January