alt Birthday Basket - Let the birthday girl pick something out of the basket.  Put items from Wal-mart or Target in it that are little but nice.  Some items that could go in the birthday basket are: hair ties, stickers, small earrings, nail polish, cute socks, pad of stationary, etc. 
alt YW Birthday Cupcakes by Laura Dutton - Bath Salt Cupcake
alt Birthday Boxes by Rebecca Goodro (Fun Idea!!!)
alt Birthday Candy Leis
alt Birthday Committee - I am the first counselor in the Young Women's program in the Cobble Creek 6th ward. We have come up with a birthday idea to involve several girls at once. We have started a birthday committee (as well as a missionary and personal progress committee). This group of girls (under the direction on the first counselor) is in charge of keeping track of birthdays and making a large door sign for each girl on her birthday and secretly decorating their front door without being seen. The girls on the committee love being in charge of something that everyone can see and they keep coming up with different ideas to match the birthday girls likes and interests. It has been a great chance for the girls to get to know each other better and for the girl celebrating her birthday to know that she is loved and part of a caring group.  (Idea by Amy Sill / ga07062006)
alt Birthday Hat - Our Young Women President has a really cute birthday hat that the girl wears the Sunday before her birthday and then they give each girl a little cellophane wrapped gift with a few dollar store items in it. The girls love both the hat and the gift and they get to feel important. (Idea by Kelly in Arizona)
alt Birthday Plaques by Carolyn Byers
alt Brownies in a Bottle by Shannon Allen
alt Edible Flower Bouquet
alt Hugging Line - When I was the Young Women President we were discussing what we might do for the YW to give them the recognition they enjoyed on their birthday without having to buy something that wasn't particularly meaningful.  One of my counselors suggested a "Hugging Line".  Like the old-fashioned "Spanking Line" we would have the YW and leaders of the Birthday Girl's class form a line at the front of the room and the YW then goes down the line and receives an individual hug and birthday wishes from each one in the line.  It doesn't cost a dime, gives the YW birthday recognition and doesn't require any of all the young women loved it! (Credit Unknown)
alt Jenny Phillips CD - She offers her music for a very reasonable price, especially when purchased in bulk.  It would make a good birthday gift, Christmas, New Beginnings or whatever.  Click here for more information.
alt Lip Notes - For our young women's birthdays we got them chapsticks with the values on them, they are so cute and come in pink and purple and best of all the chapstick is good! My young women have commented on how much they love them- I think it evened out to $1 a piece.
alt Make them a tote bag that is personalized for all their YW "stuff" on Sunday. (Jenny Carr)
alt Marble Refrigerator Magnets - Why not use a picture of the Beehive, Miamaid and Laurel Logo?  Or you could use a small snapshot of each girl...or you could choose a small picture that represents the current years YW theme.  Easy to make and really cute!
alt MormonAd Poster - We are giving the girls each a large MormanAd poster for their birthday this year. At the distribution they are only $1. We are going to tie it with a pretty ribbon and a card. (Idea by Jody Merritt)
alt MormonAd Poster - We are giving MormonAd posters for birthday gifts this year, but instead of a ribbon, we rolled them up and put the silicone theme bracelets around them. The Young Women can choose the color of the bracelet, but not the poster so it is a surprise. Several of them have said they thought it was cool.  (Idea shared by Tusdi Snyder / ga02152008)
alt No bad breath on your birthday by Cynthia Gentry
alt Oreo Pops
alt Our ward bought large candy bars about $1 each and wrapped them in paper stamped with the values or you could use birthday stamps and tied them with ribbon. They ended up costing about 1.50 each (good when you have lots of girls). The Sunday before the girls birthday we send around a card and everyone signs it and we give the the candy and sing to her. They like the special attention. (Idea by Katy)
alt Our Card - Our Young Women's president has come up with a cute idea for a candy card. We get a 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of card stock and print this poem: "Let the band roll out; Let the trumpets play; Let the "Symphony" shout~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Then glue a large Symphony bar at the bottom and have the girls sign and write a message anywhere on the page. (Idea by Amy Sill / ga07062006)
alt Paper sleeves for Cookies - FUN idea! Use a paper CD cover, stamp and decorate the sleeve with birthday stuff.  Insert a big cookie....the size of a CD and whala.  Totally cute!
alt Pillowcases and Toe Socks by Suzie Knowlton
alt Poster Surprises - I had some of my laurels do a cute, simple inexpensive decorating for a new Laurel and yet personalize it for her birthday. Some birthday posters were painted on butcher paper and hung very late the night before on the outside of her home and balloons. Then several Laurels decorated the inside of her school locker with a cute beanie baby and crepe paper and a sign on the outside and the inside. It really made her day. (Idea by Cindy H. / transferred from  lds-youngwomen)
alt Recipe Books - This year for our Young Women's Birthday gifts, we decided to do a small recipe book for each of the girls. Each one of us in the presidency sent between 5 and 10 recipes to our secretary. She then put the recipes onto colored card stock, about 4 1/2 x 5. She divided each of the recipes into sections such as breads, main dishes and desserts. We laminated them with contact paper, punched a hole in the top left corner and connected them with a metal ring with a ribbon tied to the top. They are so cute and the girls will be able to use them when they go to college.  (Idea by Kody / ga01132008)
alt Scrappy YW Notebook Stand by Colette Bomsta
alt Soap - This year for our girls' birthdays, we went to Bath & Body Works and got bar soaps in the value colors. They smell great and after the holidays they were on sale for $1 each (I think) We attached the saying, "Hope you have some good clean fun on your birthday!" We'll be putting them in a basket and on the Sunday we celebrate their birthday they can choose which soap they want. (Idea by Daisie Dance)
alt Sundae Bath Salts - a fun birthday gift idea!
alt Sweet Nicole Bruderer
alt Take Note
alt Things "UNO" by Tina Dew
alt Things U-NO (You Know) by Karen Wynn
alt This year we took small paint cans that you can buy at a hardware or paint store and filled them with goodies. We took cute paper in the value colors and cut them to fit the width and wrapped the cans. We then took a birthday rubber stamp and stamped on a 3x3 piece of cardstock then attached it with double sided tape to the front of the can and attached it with cute wire. Put the lid on and add ribbon. Very inexpensive and cute! Last year we filled 20 oz. pop/water bottles and decorated them. (Beth from Washington)
alt Toilet Paper Roll - Take a toilet paper roll (you could ask your presidency and others to save them) and stuff the inside with goodies.  Roll up with tissue paper and tie ends with curly ribbon and attach to card.
alt Value Chapstick by Cynthia Gentry
alt Value Socks - This year we bought the Young Women value socks.  We take a white paper bag and color black spots on it (so it looks like cow's hide).  We give each girl a "milk" chocolate candy bar.  The bag is closed and two holes punched through the top and tied shut with a raffia bow.  We make a card that says, "Happy Birthday to an "uddlerly" wonderful Young Woman."  The girls loves their bags and can't wait to wear their socks.  The socks are kind of a missionary tool too because they get asked about them.  They also help to remind the girls about the values.
alt We do something fun for our girls turning 16 - We make a poster that says "sweet 16 and now you've been kissed" and we all  write fun "welcome to Laurels" notes and then we sign and kiss it with lip stick and tape it to her front door the night before her birthday and scatter Hershey kisses over her front step.  We have also called the mom and left it in her room as a surprise!  It always turns out cute!!!...and in-expensive. (Miranda Moon / ga10032006)
alt We have decided to give the girls Temple Hangers this year for their birthdays.  I purchased white, padded hangers from a lingerie store, replaced the ribbon and glued on a couple of tiny flowers, available from a craft store or Wal-Mart, and laminated a poem ("Hang on to your values, Hang on to your testimony, Hang on to you goals, So that someday you can 'hang' your temple dress on me") and attached that with very narrow white ribbon.  The girls are thrilled with them.  (Donna Reddick) See similar helps: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5
alt YW Birthday Card by Kristin Christiansen
alt YW Value Printable by Ashley Jorgensen
alt Young Women Birthday Pencil Cards