Remember, the Titanic was built by professionals, and the Ark was built by amateurs.



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alt Have a pre-cut ark shape and a white piece of construction paper as a background. staple the ark to the white paper so that it is bowed, making a pocket, leaving the top open. Let the children color in the water and a rainbow and then give them some animal cookies to put into the ark. (Idea by Alisha)
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alt Rainbow of Colors - Color a rainbow with markers and laminate it. Then the children place Skittles on the appropriate color. I also send a small bag of candy and a rainbow home for the children to do with their parents.
alt We used a very large cardboard box to make a child-size Noah's ark. We flattened the box, cut it into an ark shape, complete with windows and drawbridge-type door, and went outside to paint it. The kids had a great time painting, with large brushes, and they used an old sponge mop to get the areas that were hard to reach. Once dry, we moved it inside, and using two tables and a back wall, set up our ark. It was large enough for 4 pre-schoolers at a time to be inside the ark. The children all brought in their favorite stuffed animals. It made a great learning experience and the photographs we took were full of smiles. (Idea by Linda)


alt Noah's Ark Fingerplay


alt Noah's Boat - You will need chocolate ice cream, whipped topping (tinted blue), and animal crackers.  Arrange two scoops of chocolate ice cream in the bottom of the bowl.  Place one additional scoop of chocolate ice cream on the top and in the center of the two on the bottom (this makes the ark).  Then put the blue tinted whipping cream around the bottom of the bowl, this is for the water.  Arrange animal crackers on top of the three scoops of ice cream.  (Credit: Homemaking Cottage)
alt Marshmallow Animals, November 1992 Friend (Scroll Down)
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alt Colors of the Rainbow
alt Give each child animal crackers. Make sure they have two of each kind. Let them pair them up like Noah did. After they are done playing they can eat them
alt Have matching pairs of animal cards, and give each child one card, during circle time. sing: Noah, "Noah had an Ark, Ei-Ei-O" same tune as Old Macdonald had a farm. The the children are called by pairs of animal (#2) recognition and bring the animal cards to the teacher, or put them in a designated place, such as a basket. (Idea by Susan)
alt Noah: Alphabet Ups and Downs - The children stand up or sit down every time they hear a word that starts with a certain letter
alt Noah's Ark Memory Game (online game)
alt Noah's Mixed Up Animals
alt Noah Says Game
alt Who Am I Game (Facts about Noah)


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alt To help the children learn that Noah built an Ark, we color a pattern of a tool belt, hammer and saw. They wear the tool belt with yarn. I also bring some small scraps of wood and lightweight hammer. The children get to nail two pieces of wood together. I use a 2x4 scrap and 1/4" plywood scrap. The children wear safety glasses. I start the nail and they finish while I hold the wood. I do this with 3 year olds and this year, my fingers did not get hit at all!  (Idea by Barbara) 
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alt Noah's Ark Maze, May 2005 Friend


alt Noah's ark printable and sharing time idea by Melissa Carlos
alt The scriptures tell how Noah's family was protected through their obedience. I can be protected when I obey.
alt The size of the ark by Sheila Hope
alt We are blessed when we choose the right by Jill Revelli
alt The Prophet will tell us, November 2001 Friend


alt Ark snacks - Cut a pita bread in half, so that it resembles an ark. Let the children spread peanut butter and jelly inside the pita bread with plastic knives. Then give the children an assortment of animal crackers to place inside of their arks!
alt Two by Two Snack - Enjoy eating animal crackers. Help your children identify the animals. You can even group them to see if you happened to get a matching pair. Remind your child that God told Noah to bring two of every animal on the ark. Noah trusted God to take care of his family and the animals on the ark. We can trust God to take care of us!
alt When studying about Noah make a rainbow snack. Have to begin preparing this six days in advance. Buy 6 boxes of Jell-O- purple blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Each day for 6 days put a layer in a clear plastic cup and put in the refrigerator. When you get through you should have a rainbow Jell-O cup!


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